Crimson & FireSquad Comp Nights! January 11th 6PM EST


(CrimsonSquadGOW) #1

Crimson & FireSquad Community Comp Night!

Event link:

Date and time: January 11th - 6pm EST

Come hang out and enjoy some laughs with some of your favourite Gears Esports personalities and play some sweaty matches with them and the community!

For the first hour will be putting one of Gears Esports many Personalities in the Hot seat. Will be asking them questions about their experiences with Gears over the years and how did they get to where they are today. Right after the Hot seat will be loading up a lobby and playing some Escalation games with you guys at home!

Event Details:

If you would like your question answered make sure you submit it below in this thread and we will be asking them to our guest this week its Drix the captain of Rise Nation!

Blaze and Guest will be captains for both teams make sure you send GT: GuyBlaze a message on the event time so you can come play, you will be invited in list order!

We will cycle out the lowest scoring player per map in order to get as many people in games as possible. if there is a great amount of players that want to play then we will rotate full lobby’s.

We please ask that anyone who wants to play please have Discord or a working headset, and be free of excess background noise. These games will be intense, and we want to make sure everyone can have clear communication

Discord Link:

Match Rules

Fill With Bots: Off
Bot Difficulty: Casual
Round Score Limit: 210
Respawn Escalation: Normal
DBNO Time: 15
Friendly Fire: On
Weapon Respawns: After Pickup
Weapon Tuning: Competitive


Starting Loadout
Snub Pistol

Submit any questions you have for Drix the captain of Rise Nation and also check out the link below to some of his skills he brings to Rise Nation

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(Guy Blaze) #2

This is going to be a fun night! I just know whoever on my team at the end of the show prepare to cross with your owners cause we winning games :laughing:

(TC Vectes) #3

Looking forward to this!

(EVIL 0NE) #4

(CrimsonSquadGOW) #5

Thank you!

(iD II ZoMBiE II) #6

Do you have to be a certain rank to join in? And is it exclusive to Xbox players?