Crimson + Essence - 1v1 Face Off [ Tournament ] TODAY 7PM GMT GIVEAWAYS PRIZES!

Get ready to take on some of the community’s top players in our 1v1 tournament in partnership with Team Essence! Battle it out, Squash beef, prove you are a player of mass destruction on the field.

Want to be a featured Match ? We are inviting Pro Players and Content Creators to call each other out! Squash some beef or prove who is better in the content arena!

:bell:Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday November 24th
  • Bracket opens: TBA
  • Bracket Closes: 24th november
  • Start time: 7PM Uk time
  • Number of Players: 16+ Featured games ( can add more games depending on the turnout)
  • All Matches best of 3
  • Finals is a best of 3

:hourglass:Match Setup:

  • Game Type:2v2 mode
  • Rounds to win: 7
  • Classic Stalemates: On
  • DBNO time : Default
  • Friendly Fire: Default
  • Weapon Respawns: None
  • Weapon Tuning: Competitive
  • Weapon Substitutions: None

:world_map: Maps:

  • Boxes

:tv: Stream:

:microphone: Casters:

The one and only Ess Rawr with his duel caster Embry Starred will be commentating on the matches played this saturday

The match Crimson and Essence Chose to stream must have the player that is hosting invite the caster or The stream account to there lobby. we will notify you before hand on who to invite to the lobby via Xbox live message.

:crossed_swords: Teams:

Please reply to this thread if you would like to play in the tournament with the following information

Link to content creation ( Optional you may get featured )

Current Players entered in the event
1.Avex SnlpezzZ
2.Wobb AG
4. Hannah of Dawn
5. NS lnsanity
6.Toby Campbell
7. Mantiis96
8. Murhz
10. War god2017
11. BlaZe Rushes
12.Teady Bearz
13. Real Ragez
14. Arhvm
15. IH U IN IN Y
16. Ess Nerve

:alarm_clock: Reserved Teams:

  1. Boruto cM
  2. Lambent Lucky
  3. RyoBuSa
  4. Presuh
  5. Remedyz I
  6. Aggresss
  7. Too Energetic
  8. Cmplxty ProTec
  10. Unify Hinata
  11. v Cifer
  12. A Nlnja
  13. Heelin TBE
  14. Evasive ll
  15. The DJ Nash
  16. Mr Caymanian
  17. oO Chrisy 95 Oo
  18. IamGrizzTTV
  19. Evo Sirus
  20. PLAYBOSS 67
  21. SoonToxin
  22. Airwreck Slays

Teams can continue to join after the 16 team maximum has been reached. Most of the time, teams will withdraw due to scheduling conflicts and other issues. if you are interested in joining and are entered as reserve team, be prepared to play the day of the event.

:link: Bracket: 1v1 Face off Crimson/Team Essence - Challonge

:gift:Prizes :gift:: TBA

Prizes will be given out to the gamertags listed on the bracket after closing. no exceptions or changes can be made.

1st Prize

  • Midnight Omen Emblem
  • Choice of Community Contest Gnasher or Lancer (e.g. “who wants toast” Gnasher, “I am adopted” Lancer)
  • Choice of character except Esports content (note that Lambent Character is ok)

2nd Prize

  • Community Contest Gnasher or Lancer (e.g. “who wants toast” Gnasher, “I am adopted” Lancer)
  • Choice of Character and 1 Weapon skin (except Esports content)

3rd Prize (cannot win the participation)

  • Choice of Character (except Esports content) and 1 Rise of RAAM Mega pack

Participation (x4)

  • 1 Lost Souls Mega Pack OR 5k credits or 2400 scrap

Viewer Prizes

For the first time for our events we are going to be viewer prizes. Make sure you tune in to be in the chance of winning : 1 of 5 Stalker Kantus Mega Packs



Ess Rawr
Onyx Guard 1O9
Embry Starred
Onyx Baird 69

:hammer:Event Rules:

  • Teams must have their matches started no later than 7pm GMT due to holding up matches and the streams flow.

  • Any issues or complaints please contact @CrimsonGOW on twitter or CrimsonSquadGOW GT via Xbox live messages we will get back to you soon a s possible.

  • if a player disconnects within match the match must continue. the player that had lost the connection can re-join if possible.

  • Prizes will be given out to the GTs listed in the bracket and thread after closing.


  • The top team of each seed will be hosting.

  • Swarm/Locust will always be hosting.

  • Matches to be set-up and executed by whoever is hosting the match.

  • Host will alter between teams when entering the final match.

:warning:Crimson Rules:

  • Glitching, system tampering, or use of modified products within the events are prohibited.

  • Denial of service attacks will result in immediate removal of the event and future events held by Crimson

  • Racial Comments, threats or overall absurd behaviour will not be tolerated.

  • Misrepresentation of Crimson will result in removal from the event and a suspension or ban.

  • bans on the The Coalition forums carry over to Crimson Events.

  • No self promoting in the events of threads.

  • PC Players are allowed to compete.

  • Professional Players are allowed to compete proving they provide additional information confirming “Pro Player” Status for better match up games.

  • Crimson Has the right to change or remove rules up to 1 week before the event date.


Avex SnlpezzZ (Germany)

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SWEET will be adding into the list!

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Sign me up
Wobb AG
Twitch: PKMN_Wobbuffet

Hope this goes great!

NS lnsanity GT

Toby Campbell

Sign me up please.

Toby Campbell

Sign me up please.

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GT: Mantiis96
Europe (Italy)

Sign me up
GT: Murhz

I’m in ,flying the GzB/GFC FLAGS for this one

Gt is V7K1NG

Lets do this
War god2017

BlaZe Rushes Illinois

Sign me up baby!

Teady Bearz
NA East

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Toby Campbell

Sign me up please.

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Unfortunately I can’t on Saturdays. I will try to support the best I can

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Real Ragez

Sign me up please

IH U IN IN Y (i’s) (@gearsbabe) sign me up! :grin:

Boruto cM