Crimson - 2V2 Gnasher Tournament TODAY TIME 12PM EST 5PM GMT

Want some hot Gnasher action ? We got you covered! Get the full experience with this amazing crossplay 2v2 event where teams will be competing to win some awesome prizes and experience playing against the best duos in the Gears of War community! These matches will be set up just like a good old 2v2 stand off! Prove who is going to be the lord of the Gnasher field.

Below is all the information regarding this event and the rules Crimson have set into place to ensure the event runs properly. We encourage all players to please read through this information.

We are super pleased to announce that we are having to amazing community members kick off this event Guy Blaze and domeZ! they will battle it out before the tournament starts make sure you tune you do not want to miss this!

:calendar: Event Details:

  • Date: Saturday, August 25th
  • Bracket Opens: Saturday, August 4th
  • Bracket Closes: Wednesday, August 22nd
  • Start Time: 12pm EST 5pm GMT
  • Number of Teams: 32

Number of Teams are subject to change depending on the turnout

image Match Settings:

Game Type: Execution
Maps: Mercy, Checkout
Round Score Limit: First to 10
Round Limit: 2 minutes
Respawns: Not applicable
DBNO: 15 secs
Friendly Fire: On
Weapon Respawns: Disabled just Gnasher pickup
Weapon Tuning: Competitive
Weapon Substitutions: None
Weapon: Gnasher only no smokes
Lagging out: If someone lags out 90 seconds to rejoin otherwise match continues unless opposite team stops based on being sporting.

:world_map: Maps:

More maps are currently being considered TBD

  • Mercy
  • Checkout

Mercy Must be played inside the church

Checkout to be played at the checkout section. Listed at the bottom of the thread

:tv: Stream:

Crimson - Crimsonsquadgow

:busts_in_silhouette: Teams:

Please post your team with the following information:

Team name :

  • Gamertag 1 (Captain)
  • Gamertag 2
  1. Brothers to the end
    Fribss ( Captain )

  2. No survivors
    GETxSKILLZx ( Captain )

  3. Zero Failure
    Risky zF ( Captain )
    Swift zF

  4. Final Boss
    Toby Campbell
    L ShoZze L

  5. Foreva Gutta
    rRemediez ( Captain )

  6. Dab Lords
    StaiN SZN ( Captain )
    ZeN SZN

  7. X
    KREWxGOD ( Captain )

  8. AntiMeta
    XeLLz Bounce ( Captain )
    Astral MoviaLs

  9. 2 Goons
    Harambeezy ( Captain )

  10. xUGTx
    xUGTxWolverine ( Captain )
    Samurai BX

  11. Oh Jeez
    Oh Bodied ( Captain )
    Neon Fireworks

  12. White Knees
    Dash and Gnash ( Captain )
    Torpid Raven

  13. Complexity
    Cmplxty Laxx ( Captain )
    Cmplxty ProTec

  14. The Coalition’s Finest
    TC Strangulate ( Captain )
    TC Doveypwns

  15. SweetPeaSquad
    SUGxZetaKnight ( Captain )

  16. Understatement
    Neutralestic ( Capatin )
    Bounce Daddy

  17. zL
    Liets ( Captain )
    Azura zL

  18. Gears Warriors
    FerchoGoRo09 ( Captain )

  19. Pubstars
    Cmplxty Ripz (captain)

  20. Inter-Gnash-Tional
    TOF brothers ( Captain )

  21. Participants
    Death Seeks You ( Captain )

  22. Team 2 Live Crew
    T1 Yummy or Avoid Xcels ( Captain )
    Avoid Shots

  23. Wumbo
    Finuls ( Captain )

  24. New World Order
    RoZaDo RipZ ( Captain )

  25. Keep Fighting
    FightnBloodySPN ( Captain )

  26. Flex Candy
    Candace Marie ( Captain)

  27. DCC Gaming
    DCC iPsycho ( Captain )

    o00 DRAGON 00o ( Captain )

  29. To The Sky
    x EPiDEMiiC ( Captain )
    DoS FaTboY

  30. WePlaySocial
    l2iver (Captain)
    S ii NL

  31. Nimbus
    Nimbus JEFF ( Captain )
    Nimbus Demise

  32. Ryujin
    Ryujin Rekt ( Captain )
    Ryujin Kinggggg

:link: Bracket: 2v2 Gnasher Tournament - Challonge

:1st_place_medal: Prizes:

Here are all the prizes for the event we are happy to announce The Coalition and Insert Coin are supporting this event you all are gonna have a treat!

1st place - Both Player will receive the following

  • Insert Coin £20 Voucher for amazing Gears apparel

  • Physical Prize - Exact Item TBC at a later date

  • 1x Megapack of choice from previous packs ( NO ESPORTS ITEMS )

  • 1x Character of choice ( NO ESPORTS & DEV EXCLUSIVES & GRFFIN ETC )

  • 1xcomplete weapon skin set of Midnight Omen weapon skin set

  • 1x Midnight Glory Emblem (delivery of this won’t be immediate)

2nd place

  • 1x Megapack of choice from previous packs ( NO ESPORTS ITEMS )

  • 1x Character of choice ( NO ESPORTS & DEV EXCLUSIVES & GRFFIN ETC )

  • 1x complete weapon skin set of Midnight Omen weapon skin set

  • Midnight Glory Emblem (delivery of this won’t be immediate)

3rd place

  • 1x Megapack of choice from previous packs ( NO ESPORTS ITEMS )

  • 1x Character of choice ( NO ESPORTS & DEV EXCLUSIVES & GRFFIN ETC )

  • 1x complete weapon skin set of Midnight Omen weapon skin set


  • 5x Rise of RAAM Mega Pack
  • 5x 10,000 Credits or 2,400 Scrap


10x £5 codes for Insert Coin apparel will be awarded through the stream for some lucky viewers out there so make sure you are watching!

Oh if you are also wondering what the Midnight Glory emblem looks like here it is!

  • Prizes will be given out to the gamertags listed on the bracket after closing. No exceptions.

:open_book: Contacts

Onyx Guard 109
Onyx Baird 69
Embry Starred

:blue_book: Event Rules:

  1. Matches to be set-up and executed by team captain who is hosting the match.
  2. No duplicate characters or variants of the same character may be used.
  3. Swarm/Locust will always be hosting ( Will be show once Bracket is up via seeding ).
  4. Host will alter between teams.
  5. Host team to choose map based on maps chosen for event.
  6. Teams have 5 minutes from the time they are invited to a match to show. No-showing is an instant disqualification.
  7. If match results impede the next match for up to 15 minutes, the team impeding that match is disqualified.
  8. Referees will report scores of matches.
  9. Any complaints, problems, or questions, please contact Crimson Twitter

:closed_book: Crimson Rules:

  1. Glitching, system tampering, or use of modified products within events are prohibited.
  2. Racial comments, threats, or overall absurd behavior will not be tolerated.
  3. Misrepresentation of Crimson or its affiliates will result in removal from the event and a subsequent suspension or ban.
  4. If you are banned from The Coalition forums, you are also banned from events hosted by Crimson and its affiliates.
  5. No self-promoting in the events or threads.
  6. No professional players can attend our events. ‘Pro Player’ is defined as a player who has placed beyond an open bracket within a LAN event unless they are in a featured section of the event.
  7. The Crimson and its affiliates reserve the right to change or remove rules up to one week before the event.

How to Setup the match and the event will be executed:

  1. this is what the lobby and settings should look like before inviting the other team

Refs are going to be listed below including how to determine which player is going to be hosting the match. YOU MUST INVITE THE REF TO YOUR LOBBY WHEN ITS TIME FOR YOUR GAME.

The Ref will message you for the request for the invite to the game, then proceed the setup, we advise teams to be ready matches.

The following order of teams is the order teams must invite the REF

Stream: Ref - CrimsonSquadGow

Game 1 - Brothers to the end vs The Coalitions Finest

Game 2 - zL vs Inter-Gnash-Tional

Game 3 - 2 Goons vs Keep Fighting

Game 4 - Final Boss vs New World Order

Game 5 - Understatement vs Ryujin

Ref - DLCarr17

Game 1 - Complexity vs Antimeto

Game 2 - Foreva Gutta vs INSANITY

Game 3 - White Knees vs Oh Jeez

Ref - CogCouple

Game 1 - No survivors vs Wumbo

Game 2 - SweetPeaSquad vs Gears Warriors

Game 3 - X vs Flex Candy

Ref - ProGear360

Game 1 - xUGTx vs Nimbus

Game 2 - Zero Failure vs WePlaySocial

Game 3 - To The Sky vs Pubstars

Ref - Onyx Baird 69

Game 1 - Dab Lords vs DCC Gaming

Game 2 - Participants vs Team 2 Live Crew

This image Above shows you who hosts the matches PLEASE MAKE SURE THE HOST IS LOCUST AND IT IS TEAM A IN THE BRACKET

How the maps must be played:

Checkout must be played in this area of the map, failing to play by the rules will result in a DQ


Mercy - must be played inside the church



Team Name : Brothers To The End

Fribss(Captain) a.k.a ya boi Fribbo

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Team name : no survivors

  1. GETxSKILLZx ( captain)

Team name - Zero Failure
Captain - Risky zF
Teammate - Swift zF

Team: distorted dawn

  1. Distortionist
  2. Hannah of dawn

So how do i sign up, skullnbones212 and Mr. Caymanian would like to compete

Team name : Foreva Gutta

  1. rRemediez
  2. Simplex

Team name:Dab lords
StaiN SZN (Captain)

Team name: xxx
KREWxGOD (captain)

Team name: AntiMeta
XeLLz Bounce (Captain)
Astral MoviaLs

Team Name: 2 Goons 1. Team Captain Harambeezy 2. BIindies

Team captain xUGTxWolverine
Samurai BX

Oh Jeez:

Oh Bodied
Neon Fireworks

Team White Knees:
Dash and Gnash
Torpid Raven

Team name : Complexity

Captain- Cmplxty Laxx
Cmplxty ProTec

Team name: Team Elegance

Captain: Relax Mxte
Nice Sweat

Team Name: SweetPeaSquad

  1. SUGx ZetaKnight (captain)
  2. xMuneco

We may have to get a GFC team or 2 into this , let me see who I can round up to fly the GFC flag

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Team Name: Understatement
Gamertag 1 : Neutralestic (Captain)
Gamertag 2: Bounce Daddy