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Credit to a host who listens

Played inconceivable on forge last night…started with baird, jd, keegan (me), lizzie n low level jack…jd left at wv 8…host paused game and asked did we want to carry on…i said why not? only lvl 3 shredder n that was the concern…another lizzie joined…we carried on n beat the map…i dont often credit randoms…but as a team effort goes…it got close a few times…jd isn’t the be all and end all…if a team pools it’s resources…n fights the good fight :sunglasses:


Well done Rookie…add them all to your friends list :grinning:

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if everyone plays with an open mind its alot better experience indeed. I hosted an Insane game…between w1-w8 people weeren’t deposting, but coming up to me holding heavy weapons with no lockers to put them in

-sent them a message, plz deposit ill build lockers after ive laid two fences, they then deposited the money.
they then stopped deposting the money after w11 again
-sent another messages, perks after w18
they started deositing the power


I hate paused game.

Do you know how many times I’m running and trying to get some ammo or weapons and suddenly the pause menu pops up and BAM!,accidentally I choosed quit game and I’m out?.

If there is something I really hate is the need for host,it’s supposed to let all players come and go,not have the game tied to a person.

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Already full rook😉

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Used to be like that in Gears 1 and 2, a lot of players would communicate or want to form teams and have a positive outcome. Rarely anyone without a mic back then, given the fact most of the time it would be verbal abuse to the highest degree lol mom and rape would be common themes but there was a lot more communication going on. Nowadays you need to actively look for players outside of the game and mics are not used publicaly.

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I hate Mic. No Mic. Period. :upside_down_face:

Party chat the way forward…to many simpletons to bother with game chat…anyway most use screen chat for nonsense rants…always been there n always will🙄

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Get him onboard rookie

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If you have good Baird even Master is way to easy. His barriers will do the most damage anyway.

I have been noticing that if there is a high level Baird in horde match, quite often the JD will leave because they have nothing to do. With how powerful Baird is now, you only need JD to deal with Bastians and Guardians. (the flying types that get bast Baird’s barriers)

I have seen both sides to this.

The first was someone playing JD and was complaining about Baird’s Barriers being spreaded apart, far across the middle of map. Complaining that it takes so long for the enemies to come close and into view, slowing the match down and so on. Taking so long. Each waves being 3+ minutes and like he doesn’t have time for this. And guess what? They stayed in the same cover, not even moving around. It’s their own fault.

Anyways, the other time was me as JD. The last Horde match I ever played was weeks ago. I carried the first 10 waves alone. Kait didn’t have to contribute much the whole match. Because I was carrying hard, the Engineers that were working together, Del + Baird decided that I was too OP and they started building and moving Sentries + Bleeding Barriers to middle of map. Right under Exhibit bridge. Even a Sentry firing down the middle where Breaker / Dropshot spawn would be. So the Bleeding Barriers, I have no line of sight on enemies down there in middle. Either way, I move around a lot inside the spawn, decimating those on middle bridge, top of stairs, in the middle. Still kill a lot, even with Bleeding Barriers. The waves went by very fast.

Sounds like too much testosterone. Who cares who is getting the kills?
Most matches BB (Before Baird) seemed slow to me with Del and Jack trying to forge out every ounce of power by downing the last enemy and taking 2 to 3 minutes to collect every weapon on the map and repair everything.

I am afraid Horde will keep getting more and more broken as they introduce new characters.

I am curious what a Cole/Heavy Weapons character will boring to Horde. In my eyes a Cole/Heavy Weapons guy would be doing more damage than a JD.

Kait’s Overkill does wonders to those lil bastardos too.