Credit/Lambent fury

So I don’t play a ton but had managed to gather 16,000 credits in anticipation of the Lambent packs. After seeing the Lambent we’re goning to be $ only I spent all my credits to get some scrap, we are just hours later and the pack are available for credits. I work 60+ hours a week and will have nearly zero time to earn more credits before tge thanksse are gone, thanks TC.

Oh that’s unfortunate :frowning:


TC has listened to the complaints and has done this for the good of all, what happened to you is simply bad luck but that is no longer a matter of Tc


Just sharing my frustration, I’m close to re-up 7(think 96) so hopefully I can get that re-up and grind out some 4xp KOTH and get lucky on a few packs.

That’s quite unfortunate but at the same time you should haven’t spent them in haste imo. However, its possible the lambent packs (hopefully) may return alongside the rise of RAAM packs, so all may not be lost.

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Hey Sorry to hear… So TC confirmed these packs will be available till next Friday, and hopefully you have enough time to earn some more credits, and being able to purchase some of the packs…

Did they talk about making a reappearance again if people can’t get it first time round?

Play horde for credits.
If you are not highly levelled, you can join me as soldier or heavy in Feral 50 playlist later tonight. If you are a good Sniper that works also.


I’m sure they will at some point.

I appreciated the offer but I’ve got to work at 3:30 am-3:30pm tomorrow. Also my horde skills are meh, I pretty much only do KOTH and TDM, thanks tho

Kind-hearted gestures such as this have no place in an internet forum! :smile:
And to @ARKADE_OZZY - You have my sympathies… that’s exactly the sort of thing I would do, hence why I’ve blown through all of my own saved credits already!

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Just curious @ARKADE_OZZY, how come you didnt save your credits for the next pack? Surely those would give you better scrap value than core packs?

I personally wouldnt spend my saved credits straightaway particulary if there was alot of backlash, I would have waited for a few days to see what TC does :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent 1/3 of my credits yesterday for this very reason, but you know, life is full of these types of scenarios so you might as well try and roll with the punches. At least the change was for something positive.

I haven’t played hoard really and used the credits on the 400 cred packs too boost my hoard skills before it dive into giving that a go, credits we’re still put to good use I suppose.

Any idea when RAAM is back?

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