Credit and XP deductions

Hi everyone!

So, it’s been about a year and a smidge since I last played competitive Gears of War 4, and I’ve logged in for the first time in a long while. I was winning matches but started getting Competitive Quit Deductions the second I began to play. Last I recall, I’ve NEVER backed out of a competitive match but I have been kicked because of connection. Every match since then I’ve been getting 10,000 XP & 200 credit deductions. Is this a common occurrence? I can’t seem to find anything reliable online.

Any advice or information would be wonderful.


There isn’t any reliable way to tell the difference. Whether quitting is intentional or due to connection issues it still negatively impacts on the rest of the team.

TC implemented a system which punishes quitters until they complete enough matches to satisfy their quitting debt. They haven’t made the inner workings public so that people can’t game the system.

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The system also punishes people that lag out as well which is just asinine. It’s 2018, soon to be 2019. We have smart bombs that can travel miles and hit it’s target but yet a developer can’t get their software to understand between quitting and losing connection.


When developers implemented systems that would tell if people quit but didn’t punish people who didn’t select a quit option, people very very easily found ways around this, such as turning off their routers, ejecting their discs, or flooding their network with traffic to cause issues.

For a fun bit of false equivalence: we landed on the moon in 1969, so why don’t we have warp travel now?

In all seriousness a line needs to be drawn, and I for one think people with unstable connections shouldn’t be in ranked matches as it ruins the experience for others. People have only gotten the penalties the OP describes after failing to finish a significant number of matches.

Edit: Bonus points if anyone can tell me which game the host could quit by ejecting the disc with zero penalty :stuck_out_tongue:

Have i ever told you you’re alright Ghost? But, did we REALLY land on the moon? To some, we did not land on the moon. However, many people also tend to believe that Hitler killed himself. But as all true historians know, Indiana Jones killed Hitler.


I thought it was Gotenks? I saw it in a documentary called “Fusion Reborn”

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I sincerely hope you aren’t calling me a liar.

Like I said, I hadn’t been playing for over a year. Three days ago the deductions stopped. I played a total of like six games since that post and the deductions were gone.

However, I appreciate your enlightening information.

Of course not.

I am pointing out that its impossible to make a system that can tell whether people are intentionally quitting or losing connection.

For example, if my power or internet went out I would lose connection (which isnt my fault), but the same result would be achieved by me turning off my machine or router to quit a game (which would be my fault).