Creative game modes we need!

10 On 10 with a fabricator on each side swarm / locust vs cog each having castle type fort - giving each side unique abilities-locust could generate more swarm ect cog could generate turret / mech ect. with each kill points generate can be timed or point winner

give a twist on HORDE let us be locus attacking cog strong hold as a mode

give the ability to search out a clan and or squad (like warfreinds mobile game) let us earn points together to play against other squads and see progress. this will keep incentive to play and help a team

how about a winner stays on mode…lobbies always change WHY?? ? always randoms. i believe gears 1 was winner stayed on. this is why we need the ability to have TEAMS on lets say 20 or 30 and be able to team up against other squads. this would expedentially grow gears . we really need a mode where at least 3 to 5 matches are against the same squad

how about a Old school mode, where all old weapons are available like the great scorcher we all miss or the digger.

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