Created Hives Count Toward Medals?

Does anyone know if this is a thing? Want to create a Juvie Hive to get that Juvie Hunter Medal out of the way.

Lol you wish, only THEIR content counts for medals, you can play co-op vs AI for the versus ones if ya didn’t know but other than that, or get a team of 3 together an run hives till you hit a juvie spot then die an repeat

At 1500/2500 myself just by playing horde and a small handfull of escapes but man I just cant stand that mode


Damn. Alright thanks man. Time for the grind

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Maybe waves 1-9 on solo horde?

I noticed the “Capture 5 Rings” daily objective didn’t work in Co-Op vs AI. So I don’t think it works for all objectives.

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Fair enough, not done much myself, only the 10 for the challenge, I’d rather they didn’t work vs AI so the actual game has players lol, maybe after the next update I’ll find matches if ppl come bk but I won’t hold my breath aha

Where are you based? I don’t have any issues finding matches across the modes.

Uk, only peak times i dont have to wait ‘that’ long

Some say play solo horde level 41 onwards to 45 for juvie farming, but IME you have to start it 10 times to just get the juvies re snakes and balls and after 4 or 5 runarounds I may have done 40 or 50 juvies … IMO not worth it