Created Escape maps.... Count for nothing?

Do created Escape maps count for anything except personal enjoyment for making them? Kills don’t count, escaping them doesn’t count etc…
Yes they can be created for personal/ team exploits for kills etc… But what’s the point really, or do we have to wait til it’s out of beta?
TC…? ? ?

There should be a popular or most played list and whatever makes it on should count. Theres no reason why fan made maps shouldnt have any meaning. It clearly discourages people from making or playing them, so why give us the initiative n the ok only to say sike we lied doesnt matter? Really dumb

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I think this is the case but not 100%

If I recall correctly, TC want to essentially vet fan-createrd maps for all modes before they enable them to give out XP etc. I think the idea was for some of the best and most balanced ones to even be featured in formal ranked playlists, but they obviously have to be tested to ensure they are balanced and suitable for competitive play. Players voting for existing fan-created maps will just be a way of alerting TC to popular and well-constructed maps. Not sure how long it will take for them to include one in mathcmaking though.

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I’ll be surprised if they don’t add a featured community maps playlist with progression for the most popular maps, especially when they add horde/versus maps to the map builder.