Create your Own Character

I like the way you think xD

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No discrimination! Swimsuit Kait!


Smh, pervs. I just want regular COG heroes back, from all gears of war games :sob:

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Just being silly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would legit pay like $50 for that and TC knows it but it will never happen :sob:

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but in the upcoming Gears Tactics game, you’ll be able to customize your entire squad and the characters in them. So look forward to that! I definitely am!

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Like a GinBot. Imagine running round with your head as a picture of you on a Drone or Coles body… Lol

Just include resident evils Jill Valentine. I wouldn’t play anyone else. In fact I think I’d just do laps of the map whilst roadie running… You know why

Armor sets would be an excellent start!!!:grinning:

I can never imagine TC doing cool stuff like this …

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If TC did this, which they won’t. It would be heavily monetised, to the point of being obsolete. Is my guess haha.

The only thing that would be obsolete is the clothes on Kait

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And after they removed her clothes people will ask for options to increase her breast, thigh and hip size… right. You know they’ll never do that. Well, most likely not, if we think about Luchador Oscar existing. I honestly don’t actually want to have a half-naked Kait.

If delivery driver Mac was in high demand anything is possible

You shouldn’t have to pay for a skin you bought for 60 dollars , stop supporting this man, it’s ■■■■■■ ■■■■ up

Maybe I’m still too delusional in thinking TC still has some standards. But people asked for a half-naked Kait on 4 yet that didn’t happen(and I have a feeling feminists would not be happy about it existing, but that’s a different matter entirely - I’m not one, fyi). Even if that came to be, I wouldn’t think they’d let you play with the… proportions of characters. Especially the preset ones. I don’t think I even want that. We can let our fantasies run free outside of the game(or forum, for that matter).

I feel as though you don’t understand almost everyone in this thread is joking

Oh, I do understand. I just sometimes concern myself with actual probabilities of something happening too much without realizing it before I look back on it.

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I like this idea. Could pick different styles of armor and then add ammo pouches and such things to them. Like a bandoliar. Or what us on your combat belt. Like shotgun shells, compass, pouches and what not.