Create your Own Character

One thing I have ALWAYS wanted in a Gears of War game, was the ability to create your own Character.

I can think of no other game where this one ability would have the greatest effect.

Imagine; Hats, sweatshirts, shirts, pants, different armors, tattoos, scars, extra accessories (Watches, Chains, etc)

They could add a bunch of different voice options (obviously I have thought about the time it would take to record voice tracks - but the 1 liners are so irrelevant that even if people had the same voice it wouldnt matter that much so you wouldn’t need an insane amount - but a wide variety to choose from)

I think this game missed a huge opportunity back in Gears of War 3 to implement this, because just think if you were able to bring your gear over to the new game and had an accumulative record of stats across all the games (Kills, Headshots, Wins, etc) A War Journal would actually make more sense - a Journal of your own Cogs journey.

OR just start from scratch

Now this idea is more of a Versus (PvP) Idea and less of a campaign idea.

Instead of charging us $10-20 per character/skin/emote - They could charge $1-5 for specific items of clothing or whatever from the list above.

I understand that they would need a team to create all of these items, but other games (GTA for example) have a huge variety of stuff. It is possible.

Would love to hear thoughts, because I have always wanted this implemented into a Gears of War game.

Edit: Forgot the mention of all the possibilities to earn gear with challenges and stuff


I agree , even if that couldnt be implemented if they could barely add interesting characters, like in Mortal Kombat 11 that they added THE JOKER, that would be nice and Ill pay for it without a doubt.

Or they could add Donnatello from TMNT i would definitely pay 20 dollars for it so I can use ir on horde.


It is a great Idea, it could be fun, the idea where you could modify the Player with different items or with a Complete skin, Im more of using the in Game characters cause I love them, but it could be kind of fun having that option.

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Wouldn’t mind some Gears characters from the Gears universe to be honest, ya know… like Baird or Baird, or hell even Baird


Sam. Clayton. Cole.


Or maybe some more Baird


That will be AMAZING if they allow us create with our characters

Custome like Hair, Skin color, Hairstyle, Voice etc : )


Boob size :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I would pay $20 for this not to happen.


oh common man , I mean you would rather have those barbie characters they are promoting for escape ? than to have donny from tmnt . Unbelievable.

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At least they are Gears characters. This game is lacking so many of it’s own great characters.

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Also, their prices are insane. Never give them $20 for anything.


Boob + butt size + oiled skin LMAO


I won’t I agree with you also that the prices are too high, I think that at most 4 dollars would be a manageable price to pay for a lancer skin.

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Should be an option to remove kait pants and have her running around in underwear :heart_eyes:


They should just make a spin-off. Qu33rs of war

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People have wanted that ever since we got Oscar in his undies.

I mean if we got a fat ugly hairy man running around in a bikini in Gears 4 why can’t we have Kait doing the same, only seems logical