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Create a voting ballot

I rarely ever post anything on here but an idea popped in my head after reading the latest controversy about pros wanting a revert of the movement update.

Why not just create a voting ballot?
In that ballot they could post possible updates recommended by the community
Majority vote wins
Ive seen this system implemented in another game i used to play completely different than gears but it has improved the game immensely and increased the life of the game.

Oh and put the ballot on the actual game too. Not on the website. So people can see

I’ve mentioned in the thread that they should have a poll on all social media platforms that they’re present in, as well as the forums and the game itself regarding the latest movement update, to see where the majority stands. And I would like them to do the same with any future updates that affect gameplay specifically.

So I’m all for a “voting ballot”, or something similar.

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Wait a minute. So you want a voting ballot to be added so people can vote and whatever option wins they implement to the game?

Why not? Like in the instance of the movement update, they can ask whether the players like it or not, and then decide what to do next depending on the results, as in keep it as is or go back, or even something in-between.

It doesn’t have to be for every decision being made, but at least for things that affect the mechanics of the game.

I don’t think it would work out how you think it would. People have been long expressing their opinions and facts about the problems with the game and not much has been fixed. I personally don’t see TC doing this.


Oh I agree that TC would never do such a thing. They have their own plans, their own visions (sadly). But, I don’t mind having the conversation though, since the OP has brought it up.

They actually did surveys in Gears 4. No option to sign up for any in 5.

Never once did I get a survey either. I signed up for them too or whatever that coalition army was.

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I think I got two out of three that were sent.

Hi @Outplayss how are you man ? :slight_smile:

I think the community should be given preference into the matter of changing all aspects of the game… at the end of the day man we’re the ones who give actual money towards the game, we are also the ones who spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSAND of hours playing Gears of War… so in that matter I think a voting ballot its not in order… instead we should be given preference that TC should hear us and actually make the changes that the community suggest.

me neither Tony.

So if the coalition does as you suggest. Which is just listen to the veterans or a small group of people posting on the forums how would that be any better than getting practically the whole community to vote on what updates should be implemented to the game? Im kind of confused by your comment.

Ill clarify of course man @Outplayss

  1. By no means this forum its a " small group of people ", in any way.

  2. It would be better because " we have never been accounted for " on the development neither on the changes on the game has had on shot life span… I truly believe that by taking account on my friends here on this forum without a doubt this game would be better… we don’t need any pro’s advice for that matter.