Creanius is Dominating

That’s right kids. What you gonna do now huh? Call @TC_Daddy to toggle me off the game? Git Gud.

P.S @TC_Clown that’s my gamertag suggestion to you.


What did I wake up to?


Worst suggestion yet

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Stick with your current GT.

Its the best!

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It is pretty good. However, I like changing it ever year or so.
The only issue is that I need someone to make me a custom pfp when I change my gt. The guy who did mine (@III_Essence) is no longer active

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Its time to finally destroy the tradition of changing your GT every year.

You have finally arrived at the best one yet.

As for the custom PFP… why not design it yourself?

Who better knows what is best for you… than you?

It is possible I have reached a synthesis. But I am a stickler for tradition.

I’m lazy

I don’t trust my own judgement.

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I haven’t been dominated once daddy UwU

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Creanius is dominating.

How about no?

Why should I get to your level, when you can get to mine. I don’t wanna git gud.

Come down to my level and play like a noob.

If not then…

Solution : Ban Creanius.


I have Microsoft Office Picture Manager if that helps

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No no no

I’ve been playing the original 1997 Final Fantasy 7 lately and have named a couple of my Chocobo after some famous heroes of mine - Castro and Marx. :wink:

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Screams uncontrollably in American


My Golden Chocobo is called Borat.

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Get it? Lyin…Lion…:person_facepalming:

This one is really for my own pleasure

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Last thing I wanted to wake up to this morning…

Lol those are actually pretty dope