Crazy visual and keybind bugs

have two issues. I am a left handed player and I use IJKL as my movement keys. When I got to Act 2 part 3 in this dark room all of a sudden whenever I press the J key to move left and huge black cloud forms around me and I can’t see. Its very strange and I can move out of it. If I rebind the left movement key to another key the issue still happens when I press J. I have no idea what is going on but I can’t play the game anymore.

Also I had another issue that happened earlier. I use the N key to reload. Somewhere in the game that key just stopped working for reload. I switched the reload to B and it works. I can even switch the reload back to N in the settings and the game identifies the N key in the game and assigns it, but still I cannot reload by pressing the N key.

So far I’ve tried restarting my machine. Doing a full clean install of my graphics drivers. Uninstalled and reinstalled Gears 5 from the windows store. I have all the latest drivers and the latest bios. Latest windows 1903 installed with latest updates.

I used xbox gamebar to record the issues the best I can. I’m unsure how to safely share it so you guys can see what’s going on.

But thats a Cadillac…are you sure ?