Crazy ranked FFA comeback against Former pro/streamer

Had a rough start, felt like i was getting targeted a lot. But was able to adjust and comeback. Idk where is good to share this post just thought some pple may enjoy.


Well done.

While you’re basking in your victory you can help yourself to a drink to quench that seemingly endless thirst.

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0:58 ∼ 1:02
is the absolute state of Gears 5

Well done on your victory regardless


MVP FFA is awesome. For Gears 6, the FFA can be further expanded

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Thanks much needed and deserved drink, i rewatched it again, definently some frustrating moments, sometimes in FFA you juat cant catch a break

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I know the feeling, but then again I last played FFA during Operation 5 when it was much faster and less of a chore. It’s a shame how badly they ruined this game’s Versus.

Let’s hope Gears of War 6 doesn’t follow in these horrendous footsteps.

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people in tuning threads constantly telling me that reducing chunk range stops this gameplay and all it does is incentivize it.

I used to go for damage and downs a lot more but now its about holding your shot close the distance and go for the chunk. A lot of times in FFA as well youll get your downs taken. It actually reminds me alot of how the sawed off was used in Gow 3. Playing for downs and damage can actually screw you over. This game punishes you so hard if you shoot too early against good players. I think this tactic will continue in gow 6. Pple will find the 1 shot range and play there game based off that. I can only speak on FFA maybe other modes are diffirent (team work, crossing, hill and spawn rotations play a part im guessing)