Crazy idea-make escalation available to EU players

Is it me or is every connection on ranked escalation a piece of crap if you are from Europe?yes it’s playable but just about. I’m in every lobby with 130ping and it’s a real grind. So just so I understand coalition I pay the same as people in America for the game but for certain ranked game modes I have to play on their server at a disadvantage…guardian and execution is very dodgy at times as well. It’s pretty much forcing me to stay on tdm and koth


Would you say your idea is to escalate the server capabilities?

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You do know it’s servers owned by Microsoft? But as of weeks ago, I always connected on EU server for Escalation. Not sure about recently.

Yeah it’s not happening now well. I have played at least 15 games this week and it’s a joke. This game mode has had a lot of issues for EU players and I have seen most players saying the same as me. Say I have played 30 games of escalation(low number due to this issue) and I have never had a ping below 98 so you are doing well connecting to “EU” servers. Maybe if you are squading up it’s ok but nobody I know wants to play escalation right now because the connections are so bad so I’m solo or with one other person and it’s terrible. TDM I am in the 30s and the game is enjoyable. I’m going to just have to stay off escalation.

You ever think because it’s a sh^t mode that maybe no one in your area is playing it

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I said this in another thread, but Microsoft’s Azure servers are great, and are used by companies (both huge corps and other businesses) all over the world.

A company I worked as a game dev for used them too and we didn’t have all these issues. They are very reliable.

It’s not Microsoft’s fault that TC doesn’t know how to write stable server code


Yeah I have thought it might be due to less players. I mean tdm and Koth are solid connections and I always seem to be in with Europeans but escalation is always Americans and it sucks. I can grind out a decent game but it feels unfair. Killcam shows me past the player who has killed me loads of times and I continuosly point blank people who just 1 shot me while the killcam shows my shot never fired…

I have to agree with you. Azure servers are fine and a lot of companies use them. TC is the issue in this case and they need to get their act together.

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Every esco game I’ve played my ping is 90+ as well as 8 other players and the one odd player having 30 ping…

Yeah some are like that for me but it’s starting to be more like 4 of the other team have low ping with 1 guy high ping and on my team it’s 4 high pings with 1 player with low ping.

I have never been placed on an eu server with escalation.
I live in the Netherlands and they have a server here.
I think i did a total of 15 matches total. I won 6-7 in total. Lost more than 1000 tier points per match that i won.

Gears 5 a solid game indeed


No one plays Escalation lmao. It doesn’t surprise me that not enough EU players are there to fill up the EU servers.

This. It’s not a sh^t mode, but no one is playing it

I mean the first version of Escalation was good. I think they added way too much in this version. But thats me

I’m sure the majority of players agree with you, so I guess it’s fair to say that it is trash lol

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I also think it wouldnt be as bad if it was maybe first to 5. First to 7 should be for Esports only especially when I feel like the time between rounds can some times be longer then an actual round lol

Oh yeah there’s nothing more boring than playing in an unbalanced Esc game where one team runs out, dies instantly, gets dominated, and then have to wait for weapon picks.

I wish the picks were RNG or something because players choosing them is both cancer and boring. You end up with the same meta all the time and waiting between rounds.

Yea pretty much. 1st placement smokes/flash 2nd retro 3rd dropshot. repeat on another spot lol

Very good lol

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