Crazy game mode idea(s)

By far, one of the best parts of of the gears5 campaign is driving the skiff.

Large format koth, escalation, capture the flag could be tons of fun with ~20 players.

especially with teams rushing from one place to another on skiffs.

Also skiff races with battle missions along the route would be awesome.

Who is with me?


you got to be joking right ?

I don’t know if you know man … but doing drugs on a daily basis could make you mentally impaired , its better to let go the drugs .

the question its not who is with you , the REAL QUESTION is who would be with you .


D A N III 3 L :slight_smile:



I guess you got no gaming history under your belt huh kid.

the mechanics of skiff driving felt a lot like the starwars podracing game.
and the early versions of battlefield 1942 had huge worlds where different battles could play out.

This format could be fun on the gears engine with cover mechanics

You have any real reasoning behind what your saying? or are just passing thru to be critical?

you tell me man… you like the skiff not me…

This ain’t Starwars podracing game… its a " A man’s game " its Gears of War , unless you think you are in a star wars forum.

I’m sorry man it isn’t , just because you think it works on your imagination it doesn’t mean it works in the real world.

I’m not critical I’m just saying what it is man … I’m sorry if you don’t like it.


Actually the skiffing was the worst part of the game. Not because it wasn’t fun to drive but because TC ■■■■■■ up and forgot to fill their “Open World” with enemies and other things to do besides driving from point A to point B. I would like to see them add a driving mechanic to another gears game but done right.

If they do this again in Gears 6 let us drive an array of different vehicles in a set map with different destinations. Give us randomized side objectives that award the players with things like weapons or if they go the Jack route again, upgrade points. Imagine driving the armadillo to point A but you hear on comms about a group of gears under attack at point C you can then decide if you want to head there or not if you think it’s worth it. Along the way you can encounter enemy patrols and such making the world come to life more.

You can pass by ongoing battles between gears and swarm,Outsider Villages to buy weapons and upgrades at or even help the villages defend themselves in a horde style mini game. Have a motor pool to upgrade your vehicle even.

Keep in mind this is IF they go this route again which I doubt they will considering how unsuccessful this first try was. But if they do I hope that’s the way they do it.

The game cant even handle 8 players let alone 20.
Have you played the 14 player free for all.

Nothing but sponging.
Fix the net code , hit registration and then i could see it.


I agree with all of this 100%.

It’s just the skiff driving I’m talking about, not that part of the campaign. It’s fun to drive around, and the world is there,
I finally played it this weekend and during the skiff part all i could think about was how much cooler it could be. They came so far to design all that, it’s just missing an exclamation point to make it great.

It’s a pipedream tho. it’ll never happen.

Wait, what??
Where am I?

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But but but, are there 20 players?? :rofl::rofl:

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Except there’s no racing.

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First people want Gears to turn into Fortnite/COD and now someone wants it to turn in a fast and the furious game.


the sad truth.

The skiff sections were far far from Great. Lazy filler is the phrase you’re looking for. Seeing as you think you are the game Guru and no one else has any history of playing games…you should have seen straight through the blatant padding of the campaign.

Gears 4 & 5 campaigns are soo forced it’s almost insulting. Judgement’s campaign was far superior…and that is certainly saying something

its the Gears of War forums man … but sometimes we do talk about Star Wars Stuff and Chewbacca.



Right then…

I’m in the wrong place…

…again :expressionless:


doesnt matter @Saber_Skywalker you should stay my friend. don’t go to star wars forums , you belong here man :slight_smile:


I can’t go back

I was forced out



I actually wouldn’t mind a “ground war” style mode but then again the movement is incredibly slow if they created larger maps for it, you’d need to be able to spawn on teammates or something

I’d like escalation back for starters though, that had potential to me

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