Crashing to desktop with no errors

As title says I’ve just recently been crashing to desktop while playing Horde but I don’t think it’s specific to Horde. I have been playing pretty much crash free since the game released so it is something recent. I noticed the game launched from the xbox app now, nothing else has really changed on my end. I’ve reinstalled the game a few times now, tried current drivers and known drivers that I played with when it worked fine with same result. I have a 3070, 3600x, game and windows is installed on a 2Gig Nvme drive, Prime X570-P motherboard. Also tried closing pretty much any program running in the background to rule those out.

Any ideas on what else to try? Maybe a program that can tell me exactly what is causing me to crash? It’s literally just closing to desktop with no errors, windows event viewer says nothing except easy anti-cheat has closed which is normal whenever the game shuts down. It just shuts down to desktop as if you hit that option in the menu when you hit start.

I should have learned my lesson from Gears 4 lol, won’t be buying 6 if this never gets fixed.

I was relatively lucky when playing on PC. I just had stupid stutter and micro lag when playing any mode. I switched to a series x when gears would take 2 minutes to load into any multiplayer mode and then back the same to get back to main menu. This was bought on my some kind of software glitch with windows as I reinstalled windows twice and it fixed it for a few weeks before gradually getting worse again.

In my opinion, PC gaming is finished. I sold my 2 year old GPU for a profit on ebay which covered the cost of the series x.

Gameplay is so smooth on Xbox compared to when I played on PC. Yeah, some of the graphics details aren’t quite as nice but the game is so much better to play.

The only thing you could try that I’ve not seen you do is reinstall windows 10 - not windows 11.

LMAO the amount of errors in this game just keep piling up by the minute. I believe there is no point to come and ask for help since there is nothing it can be done :frowning:

I notice that I can’t use Vsync or my control feels very weird and not smooth, so now I just suffer through screen tearing but that’s better than the laggy control with vsync on. I could sell my 3070 to fund an Xbox but I just prefer having my PC for everything because I use it for blurays, streaming and listening to music on my home system, otherwise I’m sure it’s a less stressful experience but after researching this issue there are plenty of people who claim Gears 5 crashes on Xbox as well so it really seems like an issue with the game.

One thing I didn’t try was to turn down my settings so last night I used the medium graphics preset and played almost 40 waves without a crash. Now this did make me think back to a week ago that I actually made my own 50 wave game and finished it without crashing on the previous settings so it’s possible that I’m only having issues in Horde Frenzy and not the 50 wave version. I’m going to test a bit more today and see if that’s true or if I just got lucky in that game.

The Xbox crash is a hardware issue I even had myself. Once I got a new Xbox, it’s been no problem and I play daily.

I know what you mean about it all being in one. That was my idea with the PC connected to a 120hz tv in my living room. My brother has since got an Xbox alongside his PC on his desk because the gaming experience is so much better - for him anyway. He still has his PC for PC games that use keyboard and mouse. Everything else is now Xbox.

Good luck though as it appears gears 5 support is non existent now.

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Seems that just lowering some graphics settings is making a difference, the only time I’ve crashed to desktop today was in the customization menu for my classes lol. Seems weird as my 3070 wasn’t really maxed out but it’s possible that some of the settings on ultra are doing some weird things lately to the Vram or something else causing it to crash.

My game used to crash a lot with gears 4 but I don’t think I had that much of an issue with gears 5 I think it really is just random to be honest but now that you mentioned it if you are fed up with this game like most people are we have gears 1 up and running on windows 10 if you’re interested

Just updating with more info. Apparently the graphics settings don’t really matter it was just working for a weekend when I happen to adjust some settings. I don’t even have to be in a game, it’s like a timer from when I start up until it closes to desktop, it will happen on the main menu even. It’s really weird how it will either work all weekend fine or crash consistently, there is no in between. I also usually play on a different computer during the week so starting to wonder if it has something to do with that but not sure why. I even uninstalled it on my laptop 1 weekend and made sure the xbox app wasn’t on to avoid any possible conflict but it was still crashing.