Crashing and Freezing for Gears 5 PC since update today

I’ve had no problem playing Gears 5 for months, since this update today I’ve hard crashed to desktop 3 times with no errors. Please fix D:

same here bro

i9 9900k
rtx 2080
16gb 2666 ram
game is installed on a ssd

It crashes all the time on Xbox too since TU 3 so I would say it isnt your setup but developer incompetence

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Never crashed with me not once on console.

Same here, i just don’t know what to do… it was normal a few days ago.

Same here on PC. RTX2080 Super. i78700k. All good before the update.

edit. I’ll try to reinstall the game. Will report soon.

Still crashing after 5 mins of playing, all the time… since the update.

I just tried newly reinstalled game. Same thing. I can play for period of about 3-7 minutes. Then freeze, and crash. Just red that maybe turning Windows Game Mode Off can help.

This did a trick for me!

From other user:

For anyone having this issue - I got past it by disabling the overlay by Riva Tuner Stats Server (RTSS) . I’ve the latest drivers and playing with the Video settings that I always used to. Latest version of Win 10 OS as well.

I suggest disabling all software that can create an overlay on top of the game graphics for now. May be they’ll fix this, may be they won’t but at least if this works for everyone - we can all get back to sleeping late.


yep, thats the solution! thanks!

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Not a solution for crashing on Xbox unfortunately. Just had 3 games of gridiron crash on the results screen. Vasgar on horde crashes constantly too.

Hi today I’ve had crashes to desktop 3 times with errors. Please fix I have several days with the problem 16/06/2020

i9 9900k
rtx 2080 ti
16gb 3600 ram
game is installed on a ssd

Thank you so much man

MSI AFTERBURNER and RivaTuner were the ones causing the game to crash. Just close them before playing. That fixed it for me.

Sweet solved it for me to, shutting down the AMD Radeon software was enough and the game is running smooth no crashes anymore like before it was unbearable.