Crasheo de gears 5 en xboxone

Hello people, I have the problem that I am playing gearsen xbox one and the game freezes and takes me at the beginning of the game, I just tried to reinstall the game and the problem persists, I don’t I do not want to be penalized or downgraded in competitive for crashes in gears I need help what to do for help


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So I played yesterday 12/01/2020, both KOTH and TDM the game crashed on me 15 times. It did it so much I started to use my cell phone to record it.
Either when it loaded in to the match it would freeze then crash ans take me back to the main screen only to have to hurry up and load back in then re-join or take the penalty.

Other times, after a round, the game freezes and kicked me back to the main screen. Other times, it doesn’t load the match, it freezes, we lose the round $$ plus rank. I have multiple videos but these forums only allow you to post pictures. Horrible horrible!

I reported it since 2019 but they just don’t care

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