Crash test dummy

Has anyone ever tried popping a dual boot on their system an installing the latest nvidia drivers on one and then the ‘works for gears’ driver version on the other?

Kinda sucks you’d have Windows eating up twice the space but if it is feasible it’s certainly quicker to boot to the other OS (ssd) rather do the whole rollback dance jusy to play the game a little. I’d imagine it’d be fine. Basically just alot enough space on partition for gears and windows install the old driver on it… Everything else on other OS

I’m thinking of doing a clean disk sometime in the near future, perhaps I’ll give it a go. See what happens

You could just partition for Windows + Gears and then have the main one for everything else.

That’s my current setup.

But I can’t have 2 different version drivers for 1 gpu installed on windows at the same time.

If I had another OS though I think I can.

If you partition then you would have another separate OS running different drivers.

Disregard I just misread

Yep, that’s what I was thinkin.

So OS1 would be my primary machine then OS2 would just have a partion of space for Windows and Gears with the old gpu driver versions.

When I feel like a game I just close out of primary and boot OS2 and won’t have to worry about crashes

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Has anyone tried this before?

I did this for a while with the original Gears 1 PC.

It ran so much better on WinXP than Vista.

So had Vista and everything as a main and Dual Boot for XP & Gears.

Awesome. Glad to hear it’s feasible.

It’s friggin stupid…but meh. I have the spare space for 2 windows for now.

Such a headache rolling back and then updating everytime I feel like doing one thing or the other.


It sucks but at least it works :+1:

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Yeah. 382 is pretty crash resistant for me. The latest drivers it’s random. Could be the countdown of first round. Sometimes I’ll get 3 games fine before my screen starts pulling out the Michael J Fox impression and the app finally locks. So I stick to social when I want to try to sneak by with the new drivers.

And every time lately that it locks is when I’ve gotten really into a round and have stopped thinking about I crashing and i’m in the middle of being real cool.

Game over

So, long story made very short…

Win10 doesn’t like to be installed on ̶W̶e̶s̶t̶e̶r̶n̶ ̶D̶i̶g̶i̶t̶a̶l̶ Crucial 500gb ssds…

I only found this out after being dumbfounded for the last day and a half by doing install, reboot, and not seeing the boot device in bios. I lost care for why I was even doing it and more why the heck it wasn’t working… Scoured the web…

Just now I decided fuggit… Last ditch effort before I gave up on the idea. Cleared everything from my Samsung 500gb SSD over to the Crucial and tried installing win10 on that.

Hole in one.

I hate PCs sometimes.

Edited: SDD that does not work is Crucial not WD. Correcting for chance someone bases any decisions off this post.

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The main reason I refuse to give into PC gaming. I’ve tried it before and the performance was great but the amount of issues I ran into overtime wasn’t worth it. Figures Windows 10 would dislike a high quality drive such as the WD but go onto a Samsung. Not that’s Samsung makes bad drives - I have an external SSD for my Xbox One X by them. Just hard to understand why a WD won’t work properly.


Consoles are and should be very plug and play and the disadvantage is the limitation wall. Like, all games/apps can only be up to X technology. The advantage is that’s its 100% consistent experience every time. You know what you’re getting. You know it works. (only speaking to offline. Experience may vary with online connection performance lol)

PCs can be a damn puzzle sometimes. Hardly any two are exactly alike down to individual component. The WD SDD problem could because I have an H170 mobo instead of a Z170. (no idea and doubt it, just throwing it out there)

Or that my dumbbutt bought the h170 mobo with a 6600k processor instead of the Z170 so I essentially forfeited 1/3 of my potential processor power because I cannot overclock on an h170… And by now it’s not spend worthy to buy the right board to do so rather than just upgrade everything again. If I’d have bought the Z than I could squeeze another year or two out of it. (live and learn)

So that stuff sucks. It’s a trade off. I look at it as a game system, plus my entertainment storage, network storage, work, email, internet, 8 pounds of ■■■■, etc, etc. I don’t know if money is truly saved since most of us upgrade PC parts, namely gpu, every 4 years and that’s basically like buying a new console.

Plus K8’s got her consoles if I’m ever feeling like getting my ■■■ whipped in a game. :smiley:

Just realized Crucial was my SSD brand that did not work - Not Western Digital.

I have no idea if WD has issues or not.

When it does work, PC gaming is on a different level though, so it’s a trade off there.

So far, my system is nothing but stable and I’ve had zero issues, except trying to go back to the choppy One X version.

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@GhostofDelta2, I sure have come a long way after this post, lol.

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