Crash Gears 5 in Xone

I was playing a game in King of the Hill and suddenly the game brings me to the menu, it’s weird because it has happened to me very few times since the launch of the game, but it is more rare that before me, a boy from my team left and he went back in, and then the same thing happened to another, I think the same thing may have happened to all of us in the same game …

That is why I ask you if this problem has happened to you these days?

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It has happend everyone since start of operation 5
But TC wont care these type of problems anymore , they just concentrate nerfing and slowing this game down that it could die sooner .


Since the game was launched the game crashes and I did a thread about It

But as I play on PC I was ignored always replying with “update drivers” or other troll users replying “on Xbox it doesn’t happen”. Lame.

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Today this happened to me again, this time in social matches, TC must fix this bug because this is very annoying, luckily this error is not repeated much