Crafting question

While trying to craft the high roller banner, I noticed a lot of duplicate bronze weapon skins were not being destroyed. Any idea why? Will we ever be able to?

Not totally sure, but it seems on TC’s end, all customisation skins are seperated into two categories - those which can be scrapped, and those that can’t. I believe TC have the power to change it, but it’s not exactly on their list of priorities. The same applies to some of the eSports event skins like the Phantom skins. I don’t know how TC decide how to categorise them. It seems arbitrary cos some reward skins can be scrapped but others can’t.

It’s probably a moot point now, as most of the focus will be on Gears 5.
Thanks for the response!

Don’t worry, in a months time you will be able to scrap Gears 4 altogether and move on

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Smash the disc, put the pieces into a plastic bag, nail it to a frisbee, and throw it over a rainbow. Bam! Sorted.

All but the nail it to a Frisbee and throw it over a rainbow