Craftable Delta Squad

You make it sound like I’m being greedy or taking advantage of you. I didn’t invent the system, I’m a just a customer who’s kinda ok with how it works. You express your point of view as I do mine in a respectful manner, is that ridiculous?

don’t be sorry

Your own statements make you sound greedy.You would deny someone the ability to craft a certain character because giving them access to everything at once doesn’t sit well with you.With all due respect your solution of waiting six months to craft a certain charcters is rediculous.

All I want is Delta Squad Marcus I’ve been playing this game for 10+ years I should be able to craft who I want after paying 100 for the game.

Your own statement is ridiculous, I don’t work at TC, I don’t have the ability to grant wishes nor deny anything to anyone. You have your opinion and I have mine, at this point we can only agree to disagree, which is perfectly fine by the way.

This is an example of pure entotlement. Just becsuze you played the game for 1p years + dropped alot more money than the average player doesnt entitle you to craft any character imo.

The op isn’t asking TC to give them Marcus for free just the option to craft him. That’s not entitlement.