Craftable Delta Squad

Really just want to be able to craft delta squad Marcus. And while on the topic not too sure how I feel about the buying packs part but I completely understand the crafting characters I actually enjoy that part I just wish that the characters would pop up more consistently as in every weekend or every other weekend. The crafting idea was very intelligent, but I feel we should be able to craft who we want to instead of having to try and buy 1000 packs with no luck(obviously over exaggerating ).

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Imo they shouldnt return nor be craftable any time soon as they were given as part of 11 of Gears anniversary, its a special pack and so there must be some sort of long exclusivity for tbose that got it when it first came out.

I feel that. It’s just I’ve been playing Gears since 2 was the greatest game out and I have crafted every Marcus and just couldn’t get delta Marcus out of any of the packs. Feelings crushed.

2 new packs per month for over a year is not consistent? Right now we have 1 new pack a month at best and the game will likely expire shortly in terms of new content since all resources are poured in Gears 5. I think they’ve done a terrific job in terms on character skins.

As for Delta Squad pack, it was available for a whole month last november in 2000 and 400 credit packs, everyone playing at the time had more than enough time to get what they want. I know RNG is a thing but still they gave us plenty of time and options to get them. I’m sure it will be available again by november.

No it’s not. No one has ANY idea when the Delta Squad skins are going to be back. The packs they pop up are random old ones or new ones. The way they’ve done the skins is stupid af.

I tried to play Gears with one of my friends who hasn’t played in a while. He wanted to play as a skin that was previously offered in a pack. Guess what? He will never get that skin because he doesn’t play often enough to catch it when it’s in a pack. It’s stupid.


That is a dumb reason for these charcters to not be craftable


Not really, if you missed it, you missed it. Thats on you for not playing enough or didnt have tike to play to buy the packs. I didnt say they shouldnt be made craftable, I said it shouldnt be made craftable now.

Anyway Its likely its going to become craftable after Gears of War 4 second anniversary like how Gary Carmine was made craftable a year later.

Until then people who already got classic Delta Squad can still enjoy some form of exclusivity.

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Character exclusivity is not a good reason. People should be able to craft whatever charcter they want. It still cost scrap so it will take some before they can craft the character they want.


OP mentioned he would like more consistency on how the packs are released an I quote “as in every weekend or every other weekend”. So yeah 2 new packs a month for about 16 months seems consistent to me, you might disagree about the system but we got lots of new content.

No one has any idea when the packs are re-released but judging by craftable characters and recent packs, a year later re-release makes sense to me.

I too disagree on the way content is released, this time based system needs to go but I do believe new players shouldn’t have everything at their disposal whenever they decide to play the game. Take Delta Squad pack for example: I do believe it should be kept “exclusive” for a while longer and at some point be made craftable or re-released again, a one year exclusiveness is more than enough.

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This quote.

I do like the exclusivity angle. It’s nice to be able to use something few others have. Nice to get the compliments. If everyone had access to everything, it would be a lot less interesting to me.

I do believe limited time exclusivity should be a thing in Gears 5 but definitely not the way it is right now, new packs available for a month instead of just weekends, old packs being re-released sooner (maybe 6 months instead of a year).

If everyone had access to everything at once there would be little incentive to play the game on a regular basis, no matter how good the game is it gets dull if there is no new or exclusive content to be gained.

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So if I miss out on a certain pack I should have to wait six months before I get another chance to get a certain character? Rediculous


Yes, its your fault that you missed it, plus they also given you another chance to get it to 2 weeks later.


I’m sorry but that is incredibly selfish.


I was thinking exactly the same.

What a self centered mentality.

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Why is this about “fault”? That’s so unnecessary. These characters don’t deserve exclusivity. They are not more special than any other character. There was no effort required to get these characters and they don’t have any reason to be restricted to a period of time.

Some characters deserve exclusivity like festive skins. Those are timely. But Delta Squad? Nah. They’re even offered in Esports pack 9, which is way past the 11th anniversary.

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Like it or not, realistically its looking like Delta Squad is heading down the same path as Gary Carmine. Unless TC says otherwise that there isnt a one year exclusivity with the delta squad pack then its safe to assume it will be craftable during Gears 4 second anniversary.

So if people want characters to have zero exclusivity because of the selfishness, tuen they must make ruby scion and diamond scion craftable as well as the Blood Moon Imago despite their given via different purpose.


That’s not even close to comparable.

but as @API puts it… “These characters don’t deserve exclusivity. They are not more special than any other character

so, all characters are not special at all then.