Craftable characters poll

Aye TC this is just a thought but how about we have a poll where we can decide which characters become craft able every month? Its a good way to have the community feel involved and be active, plus its a good way for people who spend money on packs and didn’t get the character they want to not feel completely ripped off.


Eh, they’re going to unlock them all in time. Would rather TC just handle it chronically rather than make it a popularity contest.

Besides, let’s not make this some kind of bandage over RNG. That’s like telling them that the pack system is ok. Let’s just be vocal about not wanting random loot packs.

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How about let’s be vocal about not giving about these skins and actually care and post about the gameplay or even story

i semi agree with that, but its been how many years and the zombie carmines are still not craftable? im looking out for people who spend money especially since its $10+. i hope that they incorporate a trading system because with these pack odds its just a waste of money, they get paid and we get the in game characters we want its a win win.

Yoy want people to care about the story more and but to not care about acquiring characters that feature in the story and lore? Alright…

its 2018 nobody buys a game for the story… its all about multiplayer, and what do people want in multiplayer… new content… its what keep the business alive not story mode.

That’s why I said I’d prefer them to do it chronologically, meaning they would go in order of appearance.

The turnaround time from when characters are released in packs to being craftable is insane. It’s been so long since the Skorge packs were first released that I had forgotten about him. It shouldn’t be any longer than a month. It’s been a minute since officer JD and Del were released and they’re still not craftable. With a lot of these you’ll see a second release of the packs before they let you craft anything.

and thats why their business is lacking because they dont listen to their community. i gaurentee you if gears of war devs listen to everyones two cents this one be a top tier game but unfortunately its not. Something simple as increase pack odds, drop more craft able players, make cards trade-able would have a lot of people willing to play the game aka bring more money into their pockets.