Craft Multiples?

I use most all my credits to produce crafting points for cards. On occassion, I do take part in the event packages. Using this method I have accrued a healthy sum of credits. 100k to be exact. As you can imagine it takes quite the while craft the exact cards I desire through crates. I merely suggest an option, similar to destroying duplicates, that allows for the crafting of multiple specific bounty cards.

You can craft an exact amount on the website.

I do it to get 300 KOTH bounties in one go :+1:

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Card Companion.

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Good tip. I’ll be sure to check that out.

Your welcome :+1:

Why does the piece of junk crafting hardly ever work on the Gears companion. Been trying to craft multiple KOTH cards for about 3 days. Always get an error, bloody frustrating!

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Yeah I’ve tried scrapping duplicates there on several occasions over the last couple of months. It gives me an error each time. Looks like it’s just ■■■■■■ and no one cares to fix it.


Hit and miss for me.

Sometimes works,

Sometimes doesn’t,

Sometimes only half works,

Must be a difficult system for TC to implement I guess :sweat_smile:

Indeed mate :wink:

I just hope TC manage to get the worlds leading minds together to figure out how to multi-craft in 5 directly from the games menu.

Without errors.

I have a trophy waiting if it happens :trophy:

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