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CPU freezes up in Act 3

Game runs quite smooth until Act 3, checkpoint after airport assault (objective: get back to skiff). CPU load goes to 100% and stays there. Computer locks up till i have to force a PC restart. I find this really odd considering my benchmark results using recommended video settings and my CPU OC to 4.3ghz.

I have the exact same issue but right after the start of Act 3. The game takes a while to start and then is a slideshow until my PC completely locks up and I have to restart my PC. Interestingly enough I beated the game with no issue last week but something happened dunno. I am using NV latest driver 436.30 and updated to the latest Gears 5 version.

Exact same issue for me also. I’m running AMD Gpu however, RX 570 8GB using newest driver for this game. Act 3, Some assembly required. I have the beacon for the hammer of dawn, As soon as I try to open the door to go outside with the beacon, 100% cpu use computer basically just locks up quits responding. Not running out of memory or anything, just 100 percent cpu and instant hard freeze.

Hey just to update guys. Anyone having this problem. I turned all options to low and turned diagnostic mode on, I was going to make a log file for a support ticket, and this time when I loaded the game it ran fine actually got past that checkpoint. I’ve turned the settings back up to recommended not having problems now so I dunno, turned diagnostic mode back off. Crazy bug. Seems like some kind of memory overflow problem with that checkpoint in the game.

I have the same issue. I’m at the airplane in act 3 and the system is locking up. I can barely go to task manager and it says 100 percent CPU usage due to system interrupt.

Same issue can’t get past the cut scene. It freezes at start of cutscenes put the damn audio still plays through which is the most annoying part.

I’m having the same issue, the game was working fine yesterday and now it freezes my computer and max out my cpu usage. I’m at the end of act 3 and have the same cpu with a gtx 960.

Fixed this issue by restating the act. Likely the save gets corrupted at some point.