CPU constantly maxed at 100% (causing issues with discord?)

So Im currently running an intel i5-4690, MSI gtx 1080ti, 32 gb of ram. The game runs great, like 110 FPS most of the time. However, my CPU is maxing out at 100%, 100% of the time. Wouldnt be a problem except for what ever reason while im in discord, once i launch the game, discord stops picking up my voice and everything other than gears is non-responsive (i think due to CPU consumption). Any suggestions for me? I certainly exceed the minimum requirements by far, and i really dont think the game should be maxing out my CPU like that (even while in menus). Ive tried turning all settings down to low/medium and uninstalling UHD textures to no avail. Thanks in advance for any help.

I’m also having this issue. I’m going to try unparking cores. Not sure what else. Sometimes there’s a weird thing with vsync and gsync. I had a similar issue with apex legends. Where turning on vsync actually helped.

Yeah, for me it was vSync (turning it on dropped cpu usage by ~20%). I think there’s a way to force no vSync without it doing that, but I’d have to poke around some more.

That is interesting. I didnt find a solution to my discord problem but i did finally find a way to drop my CPU usage. My monitor is 1080p but while messing around with settings in game, i switch my game resolution to 2k and surprisingly saw a 20-30% reduction on my CPU usage. Guessing because now its tricking it into passing on more responsibility to my GPU now.

It isn’t tricking it. You are likely being more gpu bound so your cpu needs to work less hard, so you would get less usage and lower temps.

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