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Hopefully the stats are lagging behind. Because I’ve never had a situation where the versus stats in the menu didn’t increase. The achievement tracker has always been buggy but the in-game stat (which you can also check on desktop as well) always seemed to be accurate.

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I know, I’ve never had an issue with the kills tracking ingame either. The coincidence that it happened after my supposedly last “grinding match” is suspicious though. There is a great evil at work here.

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I had this once back when killing in guardian was a thing before TC got involved, it did however fix itself after a few matches.
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Well, looky here:

Oh and who was that voice of doubt again? Ah, yes. @Bloomy.




You shaved off 17,182 kills which isn’t 18K so I am awarding the other person victory.

In before: This is Outrageous it's unfair. [#1] - YouTube


The emperor is in your favour
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That was skilfully done with the perfect prediction of my reply :grin:.

Though it was TC’s fault for ruining my perfect 82,000, which was very outrageous and unfair. “You have earned 2,000 kills to your 80,000, but we do not grant you the rank of 82,000.”
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Congrats. Was curious if you had gotten it, since the site showed I had a mention, but then the forums were down for while this morning, and shows your last achievement as the 12.5k assists one.

My doubts were about the wonkiness of the tracker. We all saw what things were like with Seriously 5.0, Chapter 2. Extrapolating the table I posted above would appear to put me on track for the pop around 86k. Would be nice, but I’m going to focus on the 50k assists first.

Would be helpful if this site was updated for Gears 5.


Wonkiness certainly describes the inconsistent experience I’ve had with this tracker the past few months.

Silver lining I support, a 14k boost would certainly not go amiss. I hope you get it :ok_hand:.

Good luck with the assists as well, I can fully confirm it is absolute torment even with the most efficient method.


To be fair the most efficient method requires I think 4 extra controllers (6 total) shared between two players. And I think you get like 1500-2000 assists per hour.

It’s just a pain to set up though.

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I have enough trouble trying to get a run with ONE extra controller never mind any more :joy:

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So many times while farming kills in guardian i would wake up after a few seconds shut eye with my character standing in the corner looking at the ceiling or would kill the leader by mistake, and my friend saying you had enough for today…:sleeping:

I would just like to take a moment thank Tc for making me kill my rechargeable batteries while doing this.


That was me just 20 minutes into a session😂

To be fair, my son was just born at the time, but still. These achievements were the actual worst


I must admit I’m guilty of this while I was grinding those kills at my work. I blame the fact I was using my iPhone for xCloud and it didn’t allow any use of music, Netflix or ANY kind of entertainment :joy:. Brutal.

Suppose at least when grinding these Assists I have to be more active playing it than not (the kills method mostly ran itself).

I’m getting this sh*t done tonight lol no matter what. Only 3000 assists to go!



Mine hasn’t moved since I last reported. Time to yank the plug.

Did you try the profile switch method multiple times? You might just have to grind until your actual assists match what your progress bar says you’re at.

I did once. I’ll try it a couple of times now.

Edit: No luck. Pulled the plug too.

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Alrighty done with that! Glad the tracker got working for this one - although it did get stuck in the 50-60% range a few times.

Also never playing Slugger again…must’ve thrown 1 million shock grenades in the past month alone.

Funny thing is I have MORE versus kills on my secondary account than my main one now :joy:.


Jesus :joy:.


YES! Well done, good sir! Bravo! Encore! :clap::clap:

You’ll still hear those shock grenades getting thrown in your sleep!

I’m not jealous at all :joy:.

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