Covering Fire/Nothin But Bits

Looking for others to grind kill/assist achievements. I have a super fast way of doing this. Hit me up on here if you are interested. Thank you!

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Relic Retro Lancer CTF on Clocktower?

I’m down if I’m the one primarily getting assists. Lol

I could be interested but you didn’t write at what time and days do you play

I can play any days/time currently.

So, do you play 24 hours a day? My timezone is in Europe


Well, I already unlocked Covering Fire, and I have a 1 month trial of GPU.

When my trial is over and if I didn’t finish Nothin’ but bits, I’ll write you.

Good luck with those grindly achievements :+1:

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If you still need someone, I’m down bc I need a ton of assists and kills to do.

I can’t do it solo because I don’t have two controllers and hosting public lobbies is a waste of time.

After all my playing time, I’m at 58% and 57% respectively.


Not too bad. It’s so brain-numbing trying to grind it though. I’ve 43k kills to go then it’s the dreaded kills.

These achievements are seriously ridiculous, even for people who love Gears 5’s horrific PvP.

It should’ve been:

Nothin’ But Bits - 50,000 kills in Versus.
Covering Fire - 25,000 assists in Versus.

That’s a bit more reasonable.


This is TC we’re talking about. If they actually play tested their game and saw how ridiculous these achievements were - they’d change them.

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”Here at The Cretinous we strive to maximise our efforts in providing the highest form of inconvenience to our loyal pack of fools, who will purchase our product regardless of its quality.

Should you have any queries regarding any of our products we will be entirely unreachable on all platforms.”

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“It takes two weeks of 100 kills in one hour of playtime of KOTH per day to get the 100,000 kills achievement.” -Dana

I think his math was just very slightly off on that one.


LMAO bruh even solo boosting on River would take you 133 hours (750 kills/hr) or 5.5 days straight to get 100,000 kills.

Let’s do the math, Dana. 100 kills / day x 14 days = 1,400 kills. Just a little off.

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I remember him saying that on stream once. His figure was off by about… one digit and a multiplier of 7.1(rounded figure, the actual one has several digits behind the dot).

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This says it all really.

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They still have not replied to me :pleading_face:

You’ll probably get an email much further down the line when you least expect it and have fully forgotten all about it.

Yes, I’m talking years.

Did something happen to the calculations?

I’m suddenly at 94 and 92 percent.

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Why can’t this bullsh*T happen to me…?!

I’m at 42% on “Covering Fire” & 54% on “Nothin’ But Bits”. And I’m legitimately going up at the slow rate I should be lol.

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