Couple questions (Skill cards to Gear coins related)

First, and most important, is it 100% coming to the game? I’ve seen a couple people speak as if it is coming, haha. So I’m curious on if it is coming, not coming, or just a probability when Gears 5 is coming to an end.

If it IS coming, wouldn’t that kinda “kill” the economy? For example my Clayton, Lizzie and Cole all have like 90% of their cards at level 6 (and I know people from the forums who have like 100% everything maxed for EVERY character.), if that change goes live, wouldn’t I be able to just go do Surge or Clock runs, and given I’d have everything maxed, I’d just be farming coins over and over…

So yeah, I am just curious if that could destroy the coin economy or something like that… Unless they were to introduce something like “Card Tokens” (I.e. If you have 3 gold cards over level 6 and you craft them, you get a Legendary token which you can swap for another Legendary card of any other character).

IDK just curious if the card-to-coins economy would make sense or not.

TC have said that there will be a point where excess skill cards can be cashed in for Gear Coins. They said it would require a fairly significant Title Update, so it’s not something they can just do behind the scenes quickly.

I don’t think TC have given even an approximate timeframe on this, but alot of fans are speculating this will happen for Operation 5. Not confirmed as I said, but just speculation.

And TC haven’t said what the exchange rates will be, but I would imagine it would be similar to the old Scrap system and based on card rarity - so for Epic and Legendary cards we will probably get 1/4 of the cost it would take to craft them. So a Legendary card takes 4000 Gear Coins to craft, so they will probably give us 1000 Gear Coins if we cash one in.


Something similar to gears 4 I’m assuming

I’ve seen them say that they’re working on it. So it’s coming,
As for the economy and everything being maxed out already - On the last developer stream it sounded like there may be another class or two comming as they see a need for new things and that there definitely would still be new skills coming so with those things then if the skills are legendary that’ll suck up some coins mighty fast. Every new legendary that comes will be 156,000 coin to take from 1 to 6.
I suppose people with all 6’s by then may easily have enough coin but maybe not. 2 new expensive classes like Paduk and coins may retain their value.