Couple gripes with customization , unlocks & multiplayer functions

Where are all the craftabke characters? What are we supposed to work towards? I get we have a battle pass situation similar to fort nite rn but there are like 3 characters available through it and honestly they are all pretty lame so why isn’t there more to work towards in between updates ? Also the store doesn’t rotate enough either but that could be simply because they game had yet to officially be released
And maybe items will cycle faster afterwards . I just don’t feel I’m the only person feelin like although the game offers something for all types of players it feels we got skimped on player customization

For instance there is a hellblade banner& bloodspray in the store. It doesn’t make sense that I don’t unlock that simply because I’ve beaten the game hellblade .
Same with the ugly forza items

There should be a sort of “sub” economy to unlocks that’s a hybrid of gears 4 card system and the way unlocks were earned in gears of war3 not this full fledge dedication to this slow drip of unlocks that is the tour of duty Where are the rare hard to earn skins? The only rare skins are promotional ones and even then you guys always end up hoeing those out as micro transactions down the line. Leaving no real rare skins AGAIN just like in gears 4 smh

Side note there is something really off with shotgun hit detection dude cuz it always looks like I’m getting killed by ppl who aren’t even aiming st me but yet it feels I get punished for actually Attempting to be precise with aiming.


Also Amin disappointed that beating campaign gave me none of the skins , 0 at all not even the relic weapon skin set for multiplayer or robot jinn which I always asked why she wasn’t in gow4 . But she’s in 5 just not earnable through campaign as obviously suitable and traditional as it should be