Counters against mace breaker (FFA)

I absolutely hate the mace breaker, it’s a stupid weapon that I thought had no counters. I found a few that actually work quite well against the op ■■■ weapon that is the mace breaker.

(Using FFA)

  1. Incinies
    the incines are great to throw under the feet of a charging mace breaker, usually predictable so it’ll make quick work.

  2. Lander Chainsaw
    Sometimes the chainsaw bayonet works, while the worst option in my mind (out of these 3) due to the range, slow rev-up & speed with the bayo.

  3. Retro Lancer
    This one is my favorite one. Grab a Retro, no one ever grabs them in the first place. When a Mace Breaker is charging you, you run away. You keep running until you turn around and start bayo rushing the mace breaker user, they’ll never see it coming.


I would normally switch to Lancer if i am in a situation where i see the breaker mace coming. That said if they run close to the wall or as they swing step round the corner then it is still easy to set up an ambush on the opposing player.

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It has no counter in general right now. I’m not saying it’s impossible to beat someone with it but if somebody with half a brain wants to use the melee with it to kill you, they’re going to succeed. I didn’t mind it at first but over time it’s just not fun to fight against.

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Erm, stay away from it?

It’s a short range weapon, so engage at medium-long range.


This is such a disingenuous response and you know it. You know it’s not as simple as avoiding a mace wielder altogether, and even if it was what kind of game design would that be? Like let’s give players a weapon to which the only real counter is to not actually play against. That’s weak. Especially for a game that is built around close quarter combat.

I don’t even have a huge problem with an insta-kill melee weapon existing in a game. Halo sword never bothered me for example. In this case though the issue is the heat seeking lunge. You can’t avoid it from a range that is frankly absurd. The mace should not include this mechanic. The overhand smash (rt)is actually fun, hilarious, and counterable (assuming they needed its original range which I don’t even know tbh) because of the windup. But the B button melee is ridiculous.

Just rev up the chainsaw, and it literally hard-counters the Mace RB. It’s a free kill because most Mace users don’t realize this, and rush in straight at you.

i mean yeah that’s fine. my complaint isn’t that there’s nothing you can do about it (though revving the chainsaw really is the ONLY thing you can do so yes I guess that is ONE of my complaints) but my issue is mostly about design. it’s not fun to counter. You can’t out maneuver a mace user with that lunge. You can’t block it. The dodge does nothing because the lung has such a HUGE arc. It’s just…badly designed, I don’t know how else to say it.

I guess we disagree here. I always get a nice LuL when I pull out the Lancer and people still rush in like a braindead animal into my chainsaw.

By “not fun” I mean there’s no strategy to it. Of course it’s fun to chain saw a mace wielder in half. That’s glorious. I’m just saying it’s brainless that that’s the only way to counter thing, which is how I qualify it as not fun.