Counter mantle kick with meatshield?

I’m taking cover.
Enemy mantles over the cover.
I press the ‘B’ button at the right moment and counter his kick.

Can I meatshield that enemy right after this?

(I’m too lazy to test this out… someone just answer with a yes or no.)

If answer is yes, bonus points for video proof!

I’m 99% sure you can’t.

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No, countering a mantle kick or cover grab doesn’t set the enemy up for executions, it just gives you a quick window to shoot them or whatever while they can’t act.


What happens if you have a meatshield and you get a matle kick? Or you can’t mantle kick an enemy using a meatshield?

I’m pretty sured you can only get mantle kicked if you are in cover.

Or if you are by cover. If you are facing away from the kicker, there is no countering.

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Not necessarily - you could be stood next to low cover (but not actually be in cover) and still get mantle kicked. It’s more about being within the hitbox range. This applies to both PVP and PVE.

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I’m having a Question that if Counter Mantle Kick gives Stunning to Enemy like 1 second for PvE only.

It currently seems to be useless on Elite Enemies.

I think it can change the system being more Functional like doing counterattack.

I expect that Counter Hit is a Heavy enough hit to Stun the Enemy.

With Cole, it gives you enough time to punch and grab them.

No. I’ve been mantle kicked while standing about 6-7ft away from cover.

That’s about a metric impossibility away yet it happens often.

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I’m talking about the Feature on everyone can be able to Do…not Cole only.

I mean this Counter Mantle Kick in PvE is kind of Stupid. I want more Function to it.

It would be perfect if you could execute or meatshield if you manage to counter it. Especially if you’re not used to getting kicked by someone/something or not expecting it the timing is very strict on it. So if I counter some Elite kicking me out of cover, I shouldn’t have to be playing one of the melee based roles to do something about it while the Drone is stunned.

Or the stun duration in PvE needs to be longer so you can triple melee them. Instead of it being “You managed to counter the enemy, now get whacked in the face.”


This is exactly what I hope to be Changed

Mantling over an unsuspecting enemy behind the cover, you have so many offensive options:

  • Knife execution
  • Point blank gnasher shot
  • Meatshield.

Countering a mantle kick should give us more offensive options.

Only option available to us is only a point blank gnasher shot.

A context as to why I made this thread is, I successfully countered an enemy’s mantle kick. But I missed a point-blank gnasher shot, when the enemy was stunned.

What’s even more unbelievable, is that I didn’t move the camera at all. I only pressed the RT button, and I still missed.

The enemy managed to kill me obviously. So I was wondering if I could meatshield, as a safer alternative.

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