Could you organise the character list TC?

Small request, not that important.

The character select in the customisation menu is all over the place in terms of order and organisation of characters. I know their just in order of release, but could you guys maybe think about cleaning it up a little?.

For example have the characters ordered top to bottom as Kait, Del, JD, Fahz, Marcus, Dom, Baird, Cole, Minh, Paduk, Tai, Dizzy, Sam, Anya, Jinn, Lizzie, Anthony, Benjamin, Clayton, Gary, UIR, COG Gear, DeeBee, Jack, Mac, Lahni and Finally Keegan.

Put all the stupid promotional stuff like the Terminator and Halo skins at the bottom.

Obviously not the most important thing right now.

But it would be simple enough to do, right?

Oh the Swarm/Locust side too.


How about alphabetic order or squad order.


I’d like Delta squad and the Carmines in order to be honest.

But even if the promotional garbage is at the bottom out of sight I’d be happy.

Yes, it could be the promotional squad.

And if they are placed in sections such as squads. The player could be able to organize the order of the sections. Such as 1 delta squad 2 carmine family 3 promotional. Etc. And someone else could have another order.

Would also like to see a favorite section. With 3 or 5 favourite marked character in.

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Can we rather get an option to hide characters? I’m so tired of seeing the Halos and the Granny in my menu.

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I feel like alpha order would be the better option and easiest to implement. Plus, the change won’t make navigating to your preferred character harder unlike the new class naming scheme. That’s a bit off-putting

Yeah…someone brought this up, Tc if there able to reorganize the character list like this or something:

(Cog Side)
Gears 4 -5 Cast (Top)
Gears Legacy Characters (Middle)
Guest Characters (Bottom)

(Swarm Side)
Raam, Skorge, Myraah, Karn, Sraak, Ukon (Hierarchy)
Swarm Characters (current enemies)
Locust Characters (previous enemies)
Guest Character (Bottom)