Could we see a dedicated lore section on the forums at some point?

The old forums had a section that was only lore discussion, it would be nice to have one on these forums at some point so us lore nuts can have a place to speculate again.

To my understanding, they wanted to consolidated forums to General Discussions because people will likely see more speculation threads than having it on a separate forum. Perhaps they felt, on the old forums, the lore section didnt have enough activity/viewership and so they consolidated to a single forum to increase viewership on speculation posts.

However as of right now, there is only a lore tag which can help filter posts pertaining to lore and story, but thats pretty much it at the moment.



having a lore section would be great , we had some great lore discussions on lore before


This place feels like a bulletin where people can slap their complaints about the game and walk away lmao.

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