Could we have pro-demo Horde challenges please?

First of all I’d like to say as general feedback I like the daily Horde Frenzy challenges, it mixes things up somewhat and anything new is welcome.

That being said, I’ve noticed the daily challenges almost always work to gimp the demo classes, either by reducing heavy, explosive, or bleed damage.

What if, just occasionally, they had a daily challenge that buffed explosions, or bleed, heavy, etc.

“It would make it too easy” I know is the big TC fear, but if you play blade master on a melee buff day, it’s pretty darn easy too.

Why couldn’t we occasionally spotlight the classes that blow stuff up instead of constantly hampering them in some way? Just a thought.


I sympathize but they want to push people to get out of their comfort zones.

Still waiting for the day we can apply our own mutators without limitation.


No execution rules is a buff to demo… they would just bleed out, if your explosive damage wasn’t strong enough to one shot ko from existence into smithereens. Lancer GL bullets can also kill from range if execution rules don’t exist.

When we have ultra power drain, while it doesn’t buff demo in any ways, it makes them more useful with good kill card equipped because it’s free ammo boxes on kills when standing near team mates, so nobody has to fight over the two map boxes and won’t have to build lockers.

Most of your Demo shots will one shot most downable enemies anyway, unless for whatever reason they only barely got splashed by the explosion. Or you threw frags at them instead of Boomshots or GLs…

And I think that Demo is so powerful they thought that it is not necessary to give a explosive damage buff modifier.

It’s not necessary to buff triple melee either if you play the right class.

I’m not saying Demo isn’t tough enough, it is, but for those that enjoy the class throw them an occasional bone like they do every other class. For example, it seems like almost every challenge nowadays buffs critical damage, which is favoring Marksman and others. Give every class a chance.

Demolitions does benefit from critical damage. GL rockets on their head or even shooting Lancer GL bullets, they benefit from critical damage. Even one of their perks is critical damage. The bosses have weak spots which count as critical, so even more damage.

In short…No.

In slightly long…The demolitions class far overshadowed the other classes in usability because it can hit everything…every single enemy in the same fashion. There is no tact required. A marksman has to hit in the head and get it right the first time. The Demo classes get to just aim at the enemy and on top of that any enemy or boss. Other classes have to finagle and finesse. It’s also the reason they have ultra power drain, to put a check on the engineer. I don’t really like that one, because you have to rely on the teamwork from randoms…Which is absolute trash, but sometimes you get lucky.

It is refreshing to see the modifiers specifically cater to classes that then become essential to win. Like the previous one I just finished, basically was meant for Headshots/Executions. Which is dundundun! The Nomad, but also, the Marksman, and the Veteran. Those 3 classes have a powerful advantage for that one and allows you to experiment and figure these compositions out for yourself. Just consider any challenge that doesn’t directly nerf your dps output as Demolitons as a green light to use it.