Could we get a reward (gold/xp) after the 1 mil mark in competitve?

Maybe every 250k points after the 1 mil milestone you get some xp and some coins? Unless the idea is to try and get people to stop around 1 mil and go for another mode. The xp would certainly help with the severe lack of XP in versus mode even with all the bonuses.

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It should work like…you get a permanent XP boost for the season at a milestone. They stack from the other playlists as well. A percentage of course. You’d see it at the end of a match “+2% from milestones”

Would be good to give people a reason to play a mix of playlists instead of commiting to one mode.

Edit: But in the current versus XP state I’d say +2% is kinda low.

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The incentive after achieving 1 million is to compete on the leaderboards for the weapon skins.

I guess after you achieved 1 million, TC thought that players might as well compete for top 1000.

This is why they have split the weapon sets rewards across different game modes.

I thought it was like that to make you go for different sets but they rotate now.