Could someone upload the Gears of War 3 full length manual pls?

Hi guys,

I just got GoW3 and when I went to Microsoft to download the manual,, I just got a 2 pages PDF which said:

“To access the full-length manual, visit:

But that site doesn’t seem to exist anymore. If anyone has a local copy, could you pls upload it somewhere to have a look pls?

Many thanks!

That is the manual… there is no ‘complete’ version.

You’re better off googling what you need to know, unfortunately.

Yes, that seemed to be the official manual the included with the game, but they mentioned that going to that URL there was another digital full manual it seems.

Problem is that going to that URL the site doesn’t exist anymore. Maybe someone who managed to get it a few years ago could share it, as it was a public document at the time?

I have the book that came with the EPIC edition of the game but I don’t have the time or motivation to scan it and make a PDF.

Guess I should have said,“No I don’t have it either,” but here we are. lol

That was useful though. I didn’t know about that book in the Epic edition, but I’ve just watched an unboxing in youtube, and that book seems to have a different purpose.

I was looking for what it’s supposed to be the manual, kind of what the weapons are/do, how to use the buttons properly, etc… which I think it’s what the manual which was removed was about.

I wonder how they’ve not put it again in this site? Strange…