Could someone suggest something for Gears Of War 3 Horde?

Now I played every Gears game but 4 and 3 are what I usually play, I have been trying to play 3 again a lot because I have done everything in 4. I am trying to get farther in 3 on horde mostly but it is difficult to level up each thing like decoys, turrets, etc. Most players want to level up those like me, some get angry when I do it lol or higher players do it too.

So I wondered do I just play casual by myself and keep leveling things so I can avoid issues, will it be faster? Do you level up those faster on harder diffculties? I have played this horde a lot before but the leveling up was kinda where I thought public wouldn’t work. I am unsure how to go about it it takes a long time I guess ? :confused:

It’s been an extremely long time since playing Gears 3 horde, but If i remember correctly…

The way I did it myself, was to the turn the mutators on to make it easier on higher difficulties. To level stuff up.

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Okay I will look at that then I wasn’t sure if it mattered what diffculty it was. Thank u.