Could someone please explain the bonus cards for daily horde challenges?

U also get 6 cards for doing a master decent run, if u have a good lvl nomad its even easier.

Just use boltok stun and execute everything.

Easy? Do you have blindfold on? :joy::joy::joy:.

I usually play without a blindfold, it is easier to see that way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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So I just went to do the daily challenge and it says my double cards are 4/4, does that mean I got them? It’s odd because I haven’t finished regency on frenzy or master at any level. I did a frenzy run that I failed yesterday on wave 6.

You get double skill cards in horde up to 4 per day no matter what difficulty or map.

Lail and myself suspect the cards awarding on any map is a bug.

If I joint a custom horde or escape in the middle of the game, will I still get those daily bonus card? Or I need to start one or join 1 from the beginning of the game?

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If you mean the /4 bit, I think any time you would earn a regular card (5 waves) it gives you a bonus. I presume if you finish frenzy you wouldget the all 4 of the bonus ones (as frenzy gives 1 per per 5 waves, so wave 5 and 10 and then if you finish wave 12 gives an extra 2), I imagine TC’s bonus card system doubles it but I am not 100% on that.

In escape its 1 extra card per act you complete and must be the daily (or weekly) hive. If its a 2 act hive and you miss the first act you would only get a bonus card ofr the second act.

I haven’t done a heap of testing with this so anyone feel free to chime in if the results aren’t matching what I am saying :slight_smile:

So I just did a master run on the daily challenge. My cards already showed 4/4 for bonus cards.

I got 9 cards in a batch and the 1000 CXP, which I presume is the 6 for inconceivable and 3 for adavanced, but then I got 4 bonus cards which was already ticked 4/4.

But on another note doing that map with poison dropping and no fortifications was insane and the jack saved us time and time again. For me they have knocked it out the park with these on frenzy. I will no longer grind speed runs on surge and it will keep me coming back daily. Two maps to finish on 50 wave and I doubt I will play 50 again unless someone wants a body to finish a certain map.

Frenzy gives 4 cards without any bonus, plus you then had the daily for advanced and incon give 9, so you got 13. Is this the total amount you got?

If so that is what it should have got from the run with your daily bonuses at 4/4 already.

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Ah yeah of course so I’ve already had the bonus one and those are for playing the game as normal! DOH!

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Sorry, I mean joining daily challenge map in the middle of the game from custom.

I am not entirely sure sorry, I would guess given how other things have worked that it would give you those bonuses, but I havent tried this.

The double cards will still be awarded assuming you’re in the game long enough to earn a card to be doubled but you don’t get any of the difficulty based rewards. I just finished a Master run on Regency that I joined on wave 2 and got nothing other than 4/4 double cards. So you have to be in the lobby before the start of the game, you can just start on wave 50 though. I assume Escape would be the same but I haven’t joined in progress on that.

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It appears the Horde and Escape rewards can be different. Dam and Trap rewards are different, one offering skill drops and coins while the other offers class XP instead for a Beginner completion, instead of the coins.

What are the cards that they give you for completing the daily challenge, I never understood that ■■■■ yo. Can sumbody Fkn explain this ■■■■ to me?? I’m lost :man_shrugging:t4:

The yellow card indicates a guaranteed gold(legendary) card drop. The white ones can be on any rarity and are decided by RNG as usual.

Okay thanks But I’m still not understanding what The hell you mean by that lol :man_facepalming:t4: Gold card drop what ? And I’m asking what are the cards used for ? And what the hell do they go to ? What is Rarity and RNG ??? Wood you care 2 Explain ?