Could someone please explain the bonus cards for daily horde challenges?

It is probably because I am a dimwit, but I don’t really understand the rewards for doing the daily horde challenges. Today the rewards were 6 cards for Incon, 3 for Advanced and 1000 XP for Beginner. So far so good. I assume that doing it on Incon willl get me 9 cards plus 1000 XP on top of what I’d normally get (4 cards for Frenzy, so a total of 13 cards?). But then it also says Double Cards 4/4.

So someone with more brain cells than me, can you please put it all together and tell me what it all means? How can there be double cards, when you always get 6 cards for a frenzy run and 10 for a 1-50 run regardless of difficulty?

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Have you ever played escape?

Yes my man, I’ve played Escape. I’m not very good at it though. But I haven’t tried it since Op5 started, only Horde.

In escape you get the extra cards for new hives but only so many (usually 30), this is the exact same thing, but for the daily/featured hive/map

The 1 time cards are awarded seperately, and the double cards are awarded the higher the difficulty. So doing one Master-run is enough to deplete them.

Ok thanks. I think the thing that is confusing is it says double cards 4/4 which suggests you’ll get up to 4 cards, but then below it it says you’ll get 6 cards for Incon.

yes you will only get 4 extra cards, you get these cards at normal intervals, so for frenzy you would get 2 cards on waves 4/8/12 and finish, but you can only get 4 extra cards, so if you did a 1-50 you would get 2 cards on waves 5/10/15/20 but after that only one card per 5 waves.

The 6 cards for incon are sperate and mean if you complete horde on incon you will get those extra 6 cards.

Hope that makes sense

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Thanks yes I think so. They’re basically separate bonuses.

cheers gang.


Yes, the 0/4 is from one pool of bonuses. The cards that can appear as a reward for beating on a particular difficulty are from a different bonus pool and in addition playing on higher settings nets extra cards for finishing the hive (+1 for advanced, +2 for insane and +3 for master).

You can exhaust the first two bonus pools but not the last.


Wait what, you get extra cards in escape depending on the difficulty?

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Yep with higher difficulty you play the more cards you get.


I did not know that, good to know.


That’s why people do master clock runs as you get 5 cards for a a short run.

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Yes and those work for any hives unlimited times.


Also a good hive to play is one that doesn’t have Ironman. Like LE.


Or the clock because it is fairly easy even on master.

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Might have to break down and do surge or clock runs again.

Yeah but I just hate that hive mate. I don’t know why.

Yeah I can’t do it. I know it’s an easy way to get cards but is it really worth it? TC always nerfs things just when we manage to lvl up. If someone says let’s do surge runs, I’ll do it but on my own…nah!

I think I might just try and play for fun again instead of the constant grind.

With the new level 20 and now that i can play any class with anyone, i really want to max all classes, but horde is just too inefficent for it and theres no way i can get all the coins needed to level all the cards up with them.