Could someone help with Combat Medic?

Last night I was playing a Horde match, there was a Combat Medic in the match. I don’t know his exact cards, but at least know he was using Get Up, Intervention and Useful Headshots. No idea on his last 2 cards but I think he may have used the Grenades that make his ultimate recharge faster (maybe that and the green card that increases the max number of grenades you can have?)

Now, all seems pretty standard… However, and I am not kidding, instead of using his Lancer and staying behind as a Medic only, he was… Basically, playing it like if he were a Fahz (Longshot. I assume he was constantly hunting only Grenadiers /Drones who can be one-shot by Active Reloads)… He was… Just insanely good. Sometimes (I was Tactician) he was doing more damage than me, lol. Of course he was only marking (and not trying to kill) the heavy stuff like Scions and DR-1s and what not… But… IDK Yeeez coming as someone who only leveled up his CGO Gear because I wanted to have all 18 (back when 18 was the maximum) it shocked me as a surprise when I saw this guy just popping heads and sometimes ending waves with the most kills…

Does someone use any sniper Combat Medic like the one I saw, and has any tips on how to play?

Active reloads I guess? And if I recall correctly the Combat Medic has a perk in Horde for critical damage, so that can be up to 50% extra. What difficulty was it?

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Well, yeah he could be a decent sniper because a) he has a crit damage perk which makes him a bit stronger than most for longshot, but still not close to say Fahz or Marcus, b) he has more damage resistance and health than the others so he can stand and tank as he lines up headshots, which also means he’ll c) not die, meaning he can use the same longshot the entire horde, and a longshot isn’t a bad investment in his case assuming enemies didn’t drop one for him. In my experience, his damage with longshot tapers off in later waves though unless the more health modifier happens to be off. It was taking me a few shots on the elites around halfway through.

Yes I guess of course Fahz or Marcus will hit harder than a Combat Engineer, lol. It was just amazing to see… It was a standard masters game by the way (normal modifiers so there was More Health, wave 11 enemies having 2x health and that)…

Guess that after my engineer builds base, I should prioritize Critical Damage. Well, that and not being kicked out of matches for being a Medic, lol.

Mmmmm so, you’re saying that, at a certain point in the matches, even if you hit headshots with a Longshot into Drones it doesn’t kill them? If that’s the case I guess maybe he was headshotting them twice really quickly or something because I kept seeing him blowing heads off, lol.

Bleeding Pepper, in case you read this lol: it was a Masters game with the usual modifiers, so there was More Health activated.

You need to also bear in mind that some enemies have more damage resistance (or it might be headshot resistance - I can’t remember precisely) than others. The Hunters for example have higher damage resistance (or headshot resistance) than Drones; and Imagos have the lowest.

I tested this a while ago but I can’t remember the details. Just that the same character/class could headshot say, 3 different enemies under the same circumstances (active or not active); using the same weapon and same skill cards, and it would take off different amounts of health - some outright dying; and others having a bit of health left.

Yesterday there was “long range gambit” or something right? Did that add headshot damage? So it would’ve appeared like COG Gear was stronger than normal.

Yes! This is totally true for yesterday’s Horde challenge (on The Clock). Any damage done to an enemy which was 10 metres or more away from the shooter, dealt 3x as much damage or something. Within 10 metres, the damage was reduced.

Yes I know of that Modifier in yesterday’s daily map. But I wasn’t playing there when I saw the offensive Combat Medic I’m talking about :slight_smile: I only complete the daily maps twice (or until I hit all rewards) then go to normal maps with normal modifiers… It definitively wasn’t using that modifier.

Sounds obvious but if you still have access to his gamer tag why don’t you message him and pick his brain?

Also it’s possible the other 3 players weren’t contributing much so his stats had to come up to compensate.

Love it when people think outside the box though and do well. Non-meta strats can be fun

Lol this may sound like a good idea. However it was yesterday and so I lost the GT.

On the other hand however, wtf… I am just testing it waves 20-29 (so health X2) and, despite having my crit perk at 10, and hitting them with active reloads… I am just hitting them for like 60% damage… Afterwards they take cover and when they come back they have back their 100% HP so I cannot finish them off.

I am definitely interesting on knowing how they do it, lol.

I’m having “fun” trying to use this class with 4 AI bots lol… done finished Infiltrator, trying to secure myself at least the starter weapons… but I know this one is gonna take time and patience lol cause unlike Infiltrator who I could beast with the gnasher and thus played higher difficulties, I find I have to stick with beginner on this solo lol at least until I get some build up going.

I can tell reading the cards it’s a pretty good support role if you have other good human players with you, but definitely not meant to be the one doing most the work, which as you know you have to do with bots haha. Obviously wasn’t an issue to carry them ■■■■■■■■ when working on Infiltrator class to get my gnasher, but this one… yea looks like I’ll be sticking to Beginner for awhile, so I can at least finish the Frenzy without a headache lol.