Could someone explain to me how do Cloud Saves work? (Ironman Campaign)

Wondering if I should post it here or if in a Xbox subreddit… let’s try.

Asking because I’m not doing it the legit way (I’m just a mere mortal who dies in everyAct despite always using Jacks powers).

For example I died to a chainsaw pretty early Act 2 Chapter 3, did the method of deleting Local Save and the Cloud Save left me there, just before that encounter. Made me think that Cloud Saves took place instantly even with the game in use. I had gotten there in a sitting so I didn’t manually save before (by Quiting to main menu)

Next time I died, however, was in Act 3 Chapter 2 to… a random explosives barrel :joy:. Did the method again… but this time, it set me up way back, to just before the Act 2 boss (Matriarch) which was the last time I had “manually saved”. So this time it was like if Cloud waves weren’t done automatically and that I needed to actually quit to main menu in order to save my progress in case of a wipe.

Or did I mess up somewhere which caused my cloud saves to no longer be done automatically? At that point onwards I would quit the game every 2-3 checkpoints for it to save to the cloud in case it needs the game to be closed (I have a Nintendo Switch and that’s the way Cloud Saves work. You need to close the game) but sooo weird, because if that were the case then my first death should’ve returned me to the beginning of the game as I hadn’t closed the game up to that point o,o

Or was it that I was really lucky the first death and that’s why it saved just before I died? Or just really bad lucky second death returned me a ton? Like I say, cloud save returned me from Act 3 Chapter 2 to Act 2 just before the Matriarch fight.

As far as I’m aware, there is a certain delay between the cloud save updating to your most recent local version(at the time of the update), hence why you can do this to reset the Ironman wipe. That’s how it was explained to me from someone for the method in Gears 4, at least. It’s also why you should not close the game before you do this reset, because usually closing and reopening the game results in a forced update of the cloud save, or that’s how I remember it anyway, and why doing it twice within a too short period of time makes the method not work.

Anything further, someone else will have to do the explaining.

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So, this is 100% unknown values and has no actual way of knowing it, correct? It’s just that it was sooo weird how my first wipe it only returned me to the same checkpoint, like if Cloud saves happened at the same time the Local saves did.

Then the second wipe I got returned like 2 Chapters all the way until the end of the last Act. Kinda like if Cloud saves only happened after I stopped playing. So weird.

Yes indeed, @HerrKatzchen made it clear to me that I shouldn’t close the game whenever I wiped if I wanted my progress not to be lost :sweat_smile:

Main-menu, close game and start again - not just main-menu.

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Soooo I guess it works just like Nintendo and I should manually quit after a couple checkpoints just to be sure.

Which doesn’t explain why my first wipe didn’t delete my game (as I hadn’t quit the game up to that point) but anyways, not gonna keep complaining about something weird that benefitted me.

I don’t actually know/remember if there’s an option to make it happen only manually. The only time I used this was when I cheesed the Hardcore Ironman coop achievement in 4s Campaign, cba to even bother with it in Gears 5 because the entire idea of failing at one point and having to do everything prior that you beat already is complete nonsense to begin with, and with the campaign being longer, I don’t even think about trying. So that’s a while ago.

I do vaguely recall a figure of 20 minutes but not sure where that came from any longer.

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I honestly have no clue - but what I already described is pretty much what worked for me and I got through the whole thing in one sitting with my earliest death being a frag during the carousel-section in Vasgar.

I completely forgot that Elite Grenadiers yeet frags in campaign instead of flashes, so that caught me offguard and set me back 20-30 minutes.

It’s not that long when you can skip all optional side content and know where to go during the open world sections.

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100% agreed. And in fact this is my second try because for whatever reason I thought that if I quit before the game said “You died” it wouldn’t recognize I had blown up. :roll_eyes: went from the sandStorms (or whatever they are called) of Act 3 to the start of the game.

Got wiped and, similarly, it returned me to the last manual save 10 minutes ago so I guess that the conclusion here is not to trust Cloud Saves.

I’m not gonna claim to be an expert on this matters.
But if you want to finish the ironman campaign then abuse the cloud save as much as possible.
The game saves on th cloud Everytime you close the game.
So when you reach a bs part when there is a high chance of you or the ai dying, then quit to the main menu then close the game, this will save your last checkpoint in the cloud.

Continue playing and if you die then without closing the game go to manage game and delete game save from CONSOLE ONLY. This should allow to continue from the last save in the cloud.

TC if your reading this then don’t ever do ironman again in any future gears game, it’s not fun or challenging, just plain stupid.


There’s a more detailed explanation of how to abuse save files over at TrueAchievements. It doesn’t quite cover how cloud saves work but it should cover how you can at least abuse the save system.

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Yes, I already got the basics of abusing save files :stuck_out_tongue: just wanted to know why one time it set me back only 10 minutes or so and the other time it literally didn’t save progress in like 30 minutes of playtime.

By the way, thank you very much. I checked some tips from your Ironman Inconceivable (not trying it btw) video and saw that Embar is pretty good. Has saved me a couple times by stunning stuff :grin:

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I guess that’ll generally be a mystery forever. I can’t yet judge Microsoft’s Azure cloud (I assume they’re using their public cloud, or at least the same type in a private-type cloud) since we just recently started introducing it. But I’m assuming the way it works is that it either polls or pushes the files onto the cloud every x-amount of minutes and there could potentially be a good junk of these pushes or polls failing if there’s many of them at the same time.
Or the pushing/polling intervals are that large that you just missed one (e.g. 30 mins interval).

Would at least be a rough possible explanation.

EDIT: The only source I could find quickly, still very vague explanation (the guy works/worked at Microsoft/Xbox):