Could Gilded RAAM mean the return of the Golden hunter and miner?

I mean it could be possible TC have heard the crowed long enough they know what and who we want by now it’s just the question of “Would or will they”

Would be nice to have their regular skins first.


Yeah and have them as challenges if you earn the basic versions of them first

Well to be honest, having Locust Hunter, Miner and Cyclops in a Gear Pack would be badass!!

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I think cyclops would literally break the game he’s that cool and missed

Yeah think a lot of people are on board with Cyclops coming back!!!

Hopefully he comes back in the upcoming Gear Pack.

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Just gotta sit back and wait I guess

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Yeah I guess so. :wink:

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Funny thing is the Cyclops and Miner essentially have the same body armour as the Locust Drone, Beast Rider and Sniper. Helmets-aside I think the only difference is that the Miner has a shoulder pauldron, and depending on which version of the Cyclops, so do they (I think GOW2 Cyclops had a pauldron but GOW3 version didnt…?) In theory they should be easy enough to create.

Cyclops always had a samurai like pauldron, it just wasn’t used in multiplayer for some dumb reason.

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Sorta the reason why we need the unique locust and cog to make a debut to gears 4 or 5

Not sure what you mean.

What I mean is like the special locust ummmmm. The bolter, gunner ect and for cog ah hell I dunno gears 2 Tai

I’d rather get Onyx Guard back (with his actual voice or at least a new voice and not some recycled E-day / V-day gear crap)

don’t give tc ideas now

Yeah think that’s what most people are confused about. Cyclops are pretty easy to create as they are a standard drone with a helmet so with us having already various drones in the game such as Sniper, Thrashball Drone and the Beast Rider you would think they would be easy to create.

The Beast Rider have a similar designed helmet to Cyclops so you would think it wouldn’t be a problem. He’ll we’ve got Palace Guard and Armoured Kantus and they are two of the biggest characters to play as.

They WERE the biggest but not anymore after Uzil Sraak came along.


Yeah true, didn’t realise how big he was.