Could Gears 6 just be a gears 5 dlc?

Does anyone think TC might consider doing gears 6 as a gears 5 dlc,it would forgo the need for disc/cases and all money made could be full microsoft it could be released easier,quicker.and with current gears store plenty of profit to be had.Plus no sharing any money with any retail.


It would also be as simple as making it full digital and standalone. Not your best idea.

Besides, if retail costs were an issue and nobody bought the physical editions, we would have seen it disappear already.

This is something I’ve always wondered. I don’t understand why companies don’t release a game and then just add the new game on at full price, kind of like DLC. They can just keep adding to the game, update the graphics etc…

Maybe I just don’t understand enough about the making of video games, but it seems like a no brainer.

No. But if we were to get say 5 sizeable dlc stories, Maybe 5 hours a piece, vignettes if you will (I keep banging on about this!) then release Gears 6 when it is GOOD and READY, full of content, say maybe 2023/24.

Let’s not discuss future disasters, just focus on the current one.


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So more like episodic gaming kinda like telltale does?

Since G5 is the worst of the lot I say Heck No!! but if G5 was released as a DLC for G4 I would’ve been fine. You keep a solid structure and only add content to it, everybody wins.

Take Destiny 2 for example, released on 2017, new expansion coming soon and more said to be released on 2021 and 2022. If you know you have a solid game, you just keep adding content to it instead of butchering it with a pitiful sequel.

Gears of War 3 DLC! :smirk:

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Destiny 2 removed all launch-content during their overhaul.

Hey i never promised ever idea i would suggest would be brilliant,look gears 5 is drowning in bugs,glitches,and a never ending supply of fix one problem while breaking something else at the same time,making 6 dlc means that it’s unfound bugs,glitches, and problems could be fixed sooner then can deny it until your blue in the face but you all know without a doubt gears 6 will release with a mess of issuse with or without a disc version.

Yeah, best work on taking one foot out of the mud instead of putting the other one in as well

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Somewhat off topic, but they’ve already begun scaling back physical copy orders of Xbox games due to digital storefronts and Game Pass. Physical copies over the next few years are going to get rarer and rarer as demand from retailers will continue to dwindle while PS5 and SeX both try to push digital sales, game streaming and subscription services.

Used games are still a large market, but as more and more games prioritize digital sales and others become live service games whose physical copies drop below $5 in a year, we’re going to see that dwindle more and more. I wouldn’t exactly be shocked if Gears 6 in a few years had a very small portion of physical games released since so many people will have it via Game Pass or xCloud.

I wouldn’t know since I’ve never played it but the fact remains that a game from 2017 can still captivate their audience and the devs can sustain it even 5 years later.

Destiny is currently doing that

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they’re not losing that much on manufacturing for it to factor into any decision they make.

you’re not far off from what might eventually happen though.

Gears will see a splitting of MP where it’s a Free-to-Play GaaS product and sees a multi-year/decade long effort. Campaign will probably get spun off to another studio where they focus on a 10 hour single-player experience detached from the MP suite.