Cost of DLC in GoW4 vs others


I just setup Mario Kart 8 on the WII for my son… Today I bought a couple of DLC packs. I got 8 new characters, about 8 new vechicles, and 16 new race tracks for $17… Which is about the cost of the Arron Griffin pack… Which gives you ONE new character… Period…

Hmmm… Ok…


Yeah, MS first party titles are outrageous for costs.

Any AAA paid title should not have soany paid add ons.

Stick to the old DLC model. A map pack every 3 months, with a cpl characters, and a campaign add on.

And the RNG needs to go


… And we can’t use all maps, unless going private on Gears of War 4.

Incredibly there’s people who support and see no problem in buying this kinda thing.


Well, I got Aaron Griffin for free so… you’re doing it wrong.


Yeah DLC stuff in this game is straight up highway robbery. Way too expensive for what you get.


I think this highlights another issue - that challenges and packs are up for a short period of time and it creates a sense of urgency amongst players who may be unprepared (lack of credits) or have other plans during that time.

Also 20$ just for two characters and a emblems or spend 10$ for three weapon skins and a emblem. Yo can also buy the season pass for 45$ to get the dlc maps in private matches the 20% criedit and xp boost is not worth it when your already a wings.

If someone likes a character very much and feels it’s exclusive.
Ignore the time when Griffin challenge was up.
Then how else would they obtain the character?
They may feel willing to spend that much.
And later on, they might use Griffin exclusively for rest of the game.
I’m sure I could relate to that, how it feels.
Except Griffin isn’t my favourite character.
But if something like that happened to Gears 5, I’d spend if there’s no other ways to obtain.

As would I because I really enjoy Gears but I also don’t feel it’s a good model. I realize my initial admission that I would buy it is exactly why they do this but I’m just being honest. I miss when you unlocked characters based on progression rather than RNG and money. These tactics used to be for F2P games but all of a sudden we’re seeing it in full price games which feels like a smack to the face.