Cosmetics from previous seasons

Any chance of old cosmetics from previous operations coming back? The game has been out for almost a year now and it feels pretty empty since they keep removing the stuff from previous operations whenever a new one comes out.

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Some previous content is in the Featured section. This rotates weekly.

This will be the only time I’ll tag you @TC_Sera
Can we get a sticky for



i would like to see some old content return, because all the things is slept on didn’t return, but things i earned did. THAT’s what grinds my gears.


Some previous items are added in the store weekly,The crux is that some previous exclusive items are not on sale directly.In fact,i hope that it can provide a way to let us earn by some other channels.And not everyone get all of them or they want after all.

Just need so much more content in general it’s untrue. Dunno what to do with all my coins at the moment

The weekly store is pretty much naked, you get a bout 2-4 things it’s just not enough really

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Once you average it out, GOW5 is very similar to GOW4 in terms of release schedule of customisation items, amounts and pace etc.

At its peak (arguably between March 2017 and December 2017) where customisation releases were at its most active, GOW4 would release 2 new Gear Packs every month. If each pack contained 2-3 characters and one weapon set, and one emblem, then we’re pretty much on par right now.

I did a count of GOW5 character customisation items about 2-3 months ago and the numbers were very similar to GOW4 at the same stage of the game’s life cycle. The difference at the time was less than 10, and I included all character skins (including exclusives for pre-orders, eSports).

I think TC also mentioned in a developer’s stream that based on the manpower allocated to creating and animating new customisation skins, it wouldn’t be sustainable to release more of them at a faster pace. They simply wouldn’t be able to create enough so we’d end up with peaks and troughs so to speak. The current schedule enables them to keep up and release a few items weekly.