Cosmetic availability

Character cosmetics should be made available sooner than they were in Gears 4 (don’t wait until the game is dead to release everything for crafting)
Character/weapon skins should become craftable when the next tour becomes available and not remain locked for an eternity until the game is dead. As a community we want more skins and cosmetics, and the coalition as developers/designers aren’t gonna get accurate feedback on people who pick the game up later on.
Don’t wonder why the community doesn’t like the weatherized outfits for characters when no one can use them. And if the opinion means anything more classic gears designs would be appreciated, and a faster and better store rotation would be nice, maybe have daily/weekly/monthly items all in the store at once. As well as returning Esports from 4

It’s a service based model. FOMO is a feature, not a bug. Look at Smite.